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Balancing the Heart & Mind

Balancing the Heart & Mind

What in your life needs to be re-set or re-evaluated? October is all about balance, restoration, and wellness. The beginning of the month is focused on the external, while the ending of the month brings us a turn inward. A transformative energy is all around, helping us to approach life from a place of presence and peace. Remember to breath, be mindful, and open to the possibilities of the month ahead!


 Aries ♈︎

Relationships are in focus for you this month. You may be feeling pressure from a partner or friend to be more present and grounded as you wrestle with the human desire for more freedom. Stay mindful of your deepest heart’s desires while also maintaining a realistic sense of responsibility. This month is about finding a middle ground, compromising, and engaging in win-win situations! Approaching life from a place of love will get you the results you envision.

Gemstone: Lava


Taurus ♉︎

Work is on your mind at this time. A key focus for you will be on finding a balance between work and play. You crave a little unpredictability while at the same time need a sense of stability. Insights will deepen as you find clarity on your path this month. A mindful approach will help you be open, flexible, and ready to take the middle ground. Putting in effort towards being social and outgoing will have great payoff for you at this time!

Gemstone: Labradorite


Gemini ♊︎

A spiritually creative month is ahead for you. You are sensing the energetic impulse of the universe and broadening your perspectives and connections. Conversations will tend to be intellectual and heady. As you expand your social circles this month be mindful to invite the kind of relationships in that you want to have. You create your own reality, everything first manifests in the mind. Meditation is your form of mental and spiritual exercise.

Gemstone: Howlite


Cancer ♋︎

An experience with the power of silence is just what you need right now, however, a dynamic energy is present in your life at the moment posing a challenge in your search for silent contemplation. Perseverance is your word for the month. Your meditation practice is likely to bring you profound insights, stick with it! The things worthwhile and that you want to experience the most require the patience and strength you already have within. You will find a balance between effort and effortlessness.

Gemstone: Turquoise


Leo ♌︎

Having a strong sense of self in the world is very important to you. This month you take a step back to evaluate and review who you truly are on the inside. A meaningful conversation with a friend or someone you admire in your local community will have a profound impact on your worldview. Take time to follow this thread of thought. Contemplate what it means to be in balance with self and psyche. The energizing life-force you carry with you will be noticed by others and spark creative, meaningful connections.

Gemstone: Moonstone


Virgo ♍︎

Your energy takes on a more serious tone as you come in contact with increased responsibilities this month. There are decisions that need to be made regarding your resources, income, and finances. Take a mindful approach to these moments. As you encounter each and every option stay present and in touch with your own intuition. Your inner guidance will help keep you on the path that feels right. Getting organized brings a refreshing sense of balance.

Gemstone: Amazonite


Libra ♎︎

A joyous month of celebration is in store for you. There is a positive vibration flowing around you. The people, work, and events you are involved in bring a much needed energizing effect on your inner spirit. You feel nourished and at peace in the deepest sense. A discovery of meaning and spiritual purpose propel you forward towards a balanced sense between stability and freedom. Put your energy towards co-creating the life you envision for yourself.

Gemstone: Rhodonite


Scorpio ♏︎

The insights  of your inner world are what drive you at this time. A feeling of unlocking something hidden or your wisdom within surrounds you. Seeking out friends and colleagues for support is likely as this month is about finding self in relationship. Other people are your mirror and help you analyze and discover what truly lays beneath. Meditation and other spiritual practices are deeply healing, helping you merge with the All of the Universe.

Gemstone: Silver


Sagittarius ♐︎

Hope and faith in the bigger picture drives you to see things through to the end. You want your work in the world to have meaning and provide a light to others. With a positive sense of self and being you share with others a much needed energy boost. This is a very social month for you, likely to be very busy. Be conscientious of your physical and inner needs for nourishment. Self-care, rest, and mindfulness help keep everything in balance for you.

Gemstone: Rose Quartz


Capricorn ♑︎

Dynamic career changes are taking place this month. Your role in the workplace is shifting and you may be resistant to these positive changes at first! The task this month is surrender, let yourself be carried by the powerful and loving embrace of the universe. There is a sacred plan being weaved in each moment. The interconnectedness of you with others on this planet requires you to be in flow. Try yoga or another spiritually minded exercise to settle into the physical space of inner peace and balance.

Gemstone: Opal


Aquarius ♒︎

Expanding your mind is the goal at this time. You want to learn, grow, and be seen in intellectual spaces. There is much energy surrounding your mind and the power of your thoughts. With your thoughts you create your reality. The fulfillment you seek will be easier to find when you engage with content you find nourishing and of substance. Finding a teacher to study with, especially a spiritual teacher, can help guide you on your path and open you up to new and wonderful insights.

Gemstone: Jade


Pisces ♓︎

Keeping your dreams alive is essential to your spiritual health and happiness. You are feeling magnanimous and open, desiring to share your artistic soul with others. There is a deep connection taking place on a subconscious level between you and the dreaming realm. You want to bring these dreams into conscious form, create, and discover the deeper archetypal meaning behind them. Take your meditation practice to the next level this month. Add in chanting or rhythmic drumming and remember always come back to the breath.

Gemstone: Ruby

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I Am Enough

I Am Enough

We sat down with 6 incredible women to showcase our new I Am Enough campaign. We asked each of them why they believe they are “enough” - here are their incredibly powerful responses. 

Chervelle Camille

I Am Enough

I celebrate me. This woman who has fought battles crashed, burned, hit rock bottom, got heartbroken, lost her way. And yet, by Grace, found her way again.

I celebrate me. This woman who continues to peel off the layers, healing her soul. Every age and every path formed who she is today.

I celebrate me. This woman who is transforming by learning to Let Go. By releasing attachments of the past that are tangling and getting in the way of mental clarity. By making room to breathe. Making peace with the past, and opening up to new adventures, and love in its various and unexplainable ways.

I celebrate me. This woman who has had the advantage of starting over many times in her life, and has learned how to apply all those lessons, with more grace and understanding.

I celebrate me. This woman who continues to step closer to The Golden Gate leading her to the wilderness of goodness, wholeness, and worth. All while peeling off the scales of old patterns and old flesh that she needs to say goodbye to.

When you can be okay with things not having gone a certain way, life begins again.

This is me coming home to myself. Becoming, learning to Let Go, and loving myself.

I celebrate me. I Am Enough.

Wearing: I Am Becoming Mala, I Am Grateful Bracelet

Jennifer Wilson 

I am honest.
I am loving.
I am courageous.
I am giving.
I am learning to be patient, each and every day. Not only with myself and others, but with each process and path I am on.

I am resilient.
I am passionate.
I am funny.
I am determined.
I am learning to be fearless in the choices I make for me and the way I choose to love and honour myself each day.

I am beautiful.
I am aging.
I am constantly changing.

Wearing: I Am Grateful MalaI Am Limitless Mala, I Am Limitless Bracelet

Rachelle Hay

I am enough.
I am enough because I am full - full of history, gratitude, determination and curiosity.
I am full of the mixed heritage of my ancestors running through my veins. I'm sure I bear some of their quirks and tendencies and how thrilling that these quiet time capsules persist through me.
I am full of gratitude for all the people, places, mistakes and moments that light up our experiences and this beautiful universe.
I am full of determination to reframe my own limiting stories and find the positive and the possible.
I am full of curiosity about life and humankind and a desire to keep pushing past my own expectations and be ever learning, growing and connecting.
Sometimes I need to say it twice - I am enough.

Wearing: I Am Rising Mala, I Am Rising Bracelet, I Am Becoming Bracelet

Dora Kamau

Why do I think I am enough? Because I know it and I feel it.  I know that I am enough and it stems from this understanding of "All that I am is unique and a beautiful offering to this world, that no one or nothing that can contribute, other than me." I believe, especially as women, we get disconnected from this inner knowing of enoughness because we are bombarded with so many messages from social media and external influences that distort our own perceptions of who we TRULY are. Also, as a black woman of color, at times I have to work overtime to affirm the belief that I truly am enough, I am good enough and worthy of all the goodness in life because they are so many systems and structures set up to make me believe otherwise.  

Wearing: I Am Rising Mala, I Am Rooted Bracelet

Genieve Burley

I am enough by my very existence. So many miracles had to come together to create me. I commit to my community to support that they are also enough, that they have just as much right to love, compassion and a voice as every other human on this earth. We are all enough, and the sooner we realize we are one, and not separate, the more we will find peace.

Wearing: I Am Rising MalaI Am Limitless Mala

Regina Zhen

The honest truth? I still struggle with believing I am Enough. My practice is my reminder: that I am enough for every reason, no matter what. My practice is remembering that I have always been enough and will be enough, and the only person holding me back is me. In fierce love xo.

Wearing: I Am Enough ToteI Am Limitless Mala

Let this be our reminder to you all. You are enough. In your skin, in your natural state, in simply being - you are enough. You don’t have to shape or change. You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to beat yourself up for mistakes of the past, for the times you lost your way. In every way you are - you are just enough.

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How to: Crystal Kits

How to: Crystal Kits

We love using crystals in our meditation practice. From laying the stones out to inspire an intention, to clearing the space of negative energy, to holding them in our hands as a focus point while meditating. Using crystals during stillness has become a common practice for us. 

(For more on using crystals in your meditation practice, read here.)

But, our love of crystals has lead us to explore bringing them into our daily lives outside of meditation.

Which is why we created our crystal kits and sets. So, how can you use them in your daily life?

We have some suggestions below:

1) Travelling

We like to stay calm when travelling. Having a crystal to hold in our hands definitely helps ease our anxiety when starting a new journey. From flying, to trains, to long car rides. One of our favourite crystal kits while travelling is the Adventure kit. This promotes grounding, calm, playfulness and connecting to your inner power. Holding one of these stones is a beautiful reminder to breathe and invite stillness, helping to calm your nerves.

2) On your desk

Oftentimes we hit a lull of energy while at work. Having a crystal on our desk to remind us of our intentions and to return to our breath is a beautiful thing. We like to hold a stone in our hand, take a few deep breaths with our eyes closed, and then return to our laptop. Feeling refreshed and more at ease.

3) On the go

I often find myself keeping crystals in my wallet and purse. What better surprise is there than reaching into your bag to pull out a crystal?! I keep mine with me as I never know when I’ll get a wave of anxiety. Or, if I’ll find a lovey spot to sit in meditation in the park, on a bench, or in the sunshine. I often keep a few stones from the Serendipity kit with me — the labradorite is my favorite.

4) At home

On our fireplace mantel, on our bedside table, in our bathroom — the list goes on! Having the crystals out around the home is a physical reminder of our mindfulness practice. And it often inspires us to take a moment to sit in silence and just breathe. It also helps remind us of what we’re calling into our lives and to remain open. For example, stones from the Love crystal kit inspire both relationship and self love. 

5) Under your pillow

Having trouble sleeping? Many people believe putting an Amethyst stone beneath their pillow cures insomnia. Our Intuition crystal kit has a beautiful small, smooth Amethyst stone to try this out.

How do you like to use your crystals in your daily life?

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September 2019 Monthly Horoscope: Thriving in Community

September 2019 Monthly Horoscope: Thriving in Community

The month of September starts off with a powerful planetary alignment between the Sun and Mars in Virgo. This aspect motivates an intense perspective change helping us take action in building community. At the same time Venus and Mercury in Virgo are in a harmonious aspect to the hard-working planet Saturn in Capricorn giving us the extra push needed to lay the ground work for positive change. As the month goes on be mindful of how you are showing up in the world. Being aligned and in harmony with yourself helps create the peace and love that lead to a thriving community. 

Aries ♈︎

This month you are able to build closer relationships with friends and co-workers. You are feeling more secure in showing your vulnerability at this time. The current energy is helping you see the value in having stabilizing routines. You settle into a daily schedule, but still stay true to yourself, always leaving room for an element of unpredictability. A harmonious aspect with Jupiter to your sign is opening you up to new possibilities. Be mindful of the signs pointing you in the direction you need to go.

Gemstone: Opal


Taurus ♉︎

This is a creatively motivated time for you. There are many things that are inspiring you and calling you into alignment with your inner goddess self. Spiritually you are feeling open and flexible. You may find projects being offered to at this time that allow for a great deal of autonomy and eccentricity. As the month goes on you find many ways to share and experience your glorious creations with people in your local community. Be mindful not to be too self-critical and let your artistry speak for itself!

Gemstone: Jade


Gemini ♊︎

This month is about taking your gift of excellent communication and word-smithing into alignment with your inner vision. Working on writing a book, creating a blog, or other creative endeavour? The energy is perfect for you to hide away and focus your energy on analyzing and perfecting your voice and vision. Unexpected free time at home and a boost in the spirited energy of creativity helps you stay incredibly focused and on schedule. Let the Universe speak to you in order for your words to ring clear.

Gemstone: Turquoise


Cancer ♋︎

The beginning of the month brings you into a perfect balance between self and soul. You feel at peace with what is present in your life and community at this time. As the month continues on you start to feel a growing sense of purpose and destiny. The people in your immediate surroundings are carrying the messages you need to hear right now. Building and maintaining mindful social relationships helps you come into contact with the most beneficial energies for your current life path. The many planets in Virgo helps give you an honest sense of discernment when engaging in relationship.

Gemstone: Ruby


Leo ♌︎

This month you take a serious look at what you have and value most. There is a critical analysis taking place in all areas of personal business. Your energy can focus on making mindful decisions regarding what does and does not have a place in your life. This discernment assists you in tying up loose ends and bringing things together. When things are cleared out you have more space to appreciate the things and people you value the most. The current energy is helping you stay flexible and honest.

Gemstone: Amethyst


Virgo ♍︎

At the start of the month you are feeling a spark within. Your motivation level is high and the approach you take to others is bold and confident. This energy can help you choose to step out of your comfort zone. Focusing on wellness and meditation helps clear your mind so you can direct your will in the direction you want it to go. There may be a lot happening for you personally right now and a lot of new experiences flooding in. Take each moment in stride staying mindful to your immediate surroundings in order to keep yourself grounded and organized throughout the month.

Gemstone: Honey Jade


Libra ♎︎

Personal relationships are in focus at this time. You are analyzing what it means to be in relationship and how your subtle energy interacts with others. The contacts you have with people now have immense potential to reveal the emotional undercurrent that you are operating from. Your feelings about work and co-workers, love and partnerships, and social groups and friends all seem to be carrying similar themes for you right now. Sit with these energies in meditation to reveal what the underlaying message is for you at this time.

Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli


Scorpio ♏︎

A more social side of you is revealed in full force this month. You are more willing to interact with people on a personal and intimate level. There is pure potential waiting to be discovered in the deeper layers of your partnerships and friendships. A discerning eye is taken when assessing your social affiliations and the groups you are a part of. At the same time you are aware of a growing sense of community with you at the center of its creation. You want to bring people together based on common causes. Mindful awareness is your key phrase this month.

Gemstone: Rose Quartz


Sagittarius ♐︎

Major shifts in your public image are possible as Jupiter is highlighting the career sector of your chart. You have the potential to bring positive attention to your work and causes by keeping the focus on what is happening in the present moment. The current energy helps you shift your thought process to give you time to focus on some of the details you may typically overlook. Your communication is clear, resonate, and powerful. Stating facts helps you make your point with a grounded sense of realism and self-assuredness.

Gemstone: Sapphire


Capricorn ♑︎ 

Self-education and learning are in focus for you at this time. You aim for success by seeking understanding and knowledge in your chosen field. The underlying energy current is helping you open up to deeper layers of inner wisdom and being. Developing the mind and all things related to this, through meditation, trance, and mindfulness, assists you in taking full advantage of your human potential. Guidance on your path from a trusted teacher or your local spiritual community helps illuminate the path ahead.

Gemstone: Jasper


Aquarius ♒︎

The beginning of this month takes you within. Your psyche is ready to investigate and understand the deeper layers of what is. A focus on the psychological motivations and behaviors of yourself is coming into view. There is a clarity surrounding your complexity and wisdom in knowing you cannot be summed up in stereotypes or overarching themes. Later in the month a personal relationship opens you up to new communities and possibilities. Life can take on a lighter tone and perspective.

 Gemstone: Clear Quartz


Pisces ♓︎

Your experience of commitment is highlighted this month as you open up to the meaning of true bonding and loyalty. A sense of wanting to commit to a cause, person, or idea deepens at this time. You are starting to unfold to the finer details and subtleties that exist within you. There is an unfolding taking place that in order to fully experience some things you have to take things deeper through personal commitment and learning. Setting a schedule, doing the work, and taking the hard road can help yield the results you want to see.

 Gemstone: Garnet

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What are the Best Stones for Love?

What are the Best Stones for Love?

The experience of love is one of the most profound feelings we have as human beings. The energy of love is woven into the fabric of our universe and helps bring us to places of peace, acceptance, joy, passion, and bliss. Crystals, gemstones, and metals have a significant place in helping us heal and have a more mindful experience of love in our lives. 

Love can wear many masks and is often felt on an emotional level at the heart-center in the body. If you are seeking to open up to love more fully, heal from a past relationship, or get in touch with your inner passion then working with the crystals on this list are for you!

Identifying Stones for Love: Look to the Color

The color family of a stone often helps us understand its energetic imprint and purpose in a healing context. Crystals and gemstones that are associated with the heart-chakra are frequently also associated with love, self-love, and acceptance and tend to pink or green in color with a gentle vibration. Crystals for passion and intimacy are often associated with the sacral and root chakras frequently being deeper in color with a potent energy vibration.

6 of the Best Stones for Increasing Love in Your Life 

Of course, there are many crystals and gemstones that can help us out in love. Here we have narrowed it down to 6 of the most dynamic stones for helping bring love and relationship healing into our lives! 

1. Tourmaline - Healing Broken Heart

Tourmaline, both green and pink, can have amazing effects on helping us heal from a broken heart. It softens the energy around our heart-center and opens us up to being able to love again. It can invite new love and relationship possibilities into your life. Tourmaline helps us get in touch with our vulnerability while also helping us feel secure in the process.

2. Copper - Romantic Love + Affection

Copper is associated with the Goddesses of Love Venus and Aphrodite. Wearing copper jewelry helps bring balance to experiences of love and affection. Copper also helps with having body positivity and acceptance. It helps deepen our experiences with the divine feminine and goddess energy. This powerful metal has been known throughout history for its romance inducing vibration. 

3. Rose Quartz - Self Love

Developing a healthy relationship to self can be a life long process. Learning to love ourselves for who we are without shame or regret is something many of us are challenged by. Rose Quartz is one of the best crystals for helping ease these feelings. This stone is soft and carries an extremely gentle vibration. It goes easy on us so we can remember to go easy on ourselves while embarking on the journey to self-love and wholeness. 

4. Rhodonite - Compassion + Forgiveness 

Rhodonite is a very potent stone for love. It carries a vibration of compassion and forgiveness. If we are having trouble getting over a past relationship or difficult time moving on this stone can help. Rhodonite helps us be patient with ourselves, feel a deeper sense of empathy, and widens our heart-center vibration. 

5. Ruby - Passion

The deep red of the ruby gemstone helps us experience our inner passion and opens us to love and intimacy. This stone carries an energy of creativity that helps us be more spontaneous and free in our expression of love. It can help with body issues and bring us into closer alignment with our sexuality. 

 6. Emerald - Relationship Success 

Emerald is a very lucky stone for love. Associated with success in all forms it can help bring this energy into your most important relationships. This gemstone brings us more in touch with our intuition and helps us access our inner-wisdom so we can approach our relationships with depth and heart. 

How to Use Your Stones for Love

Now that you have a list of gemstones that can help deepen your experiences of love and relating, how should you use them? Here are some suggestions!

  • Carry them with you in your purse or pocket
  • Sleep with the stones under your pillow or next to your bed
  • Meditate while holding the stones or with mala beads repeating a love mantra
  • Use your stones in ritual 
  • Wear them as jewelry 

Combining the energy of several stones is also a great way to get the most out of the healing properties! Which gemstones do you associate with love?

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August Horoscopes 2019: Kindness as Service

August Horoscopes 2019: Kindness as Service
From about the middle of August, we head from fiery Leo energy into a quiet and restful Virgo season. It’s time to simmer down, to come home, to tend to our roots, especially as Eclipse season has now ended, and all the drama with it! The emphasis on Virgo will ask us to reflect and take stock, and go ahead with the decisions we may have been sitting with and holding back on whilst Mercury was Retrograde. As Mercury goes Direct at the beginning of the month, we can feel more confident in our choices, and willing to speak our truth without censoring ourselves.

There is a bright and brilliant Full Moon mid-month in clever Aquarius, complimenting the analytical side of Virgo – and adding to the feeling that we need to be of service in a useful way to the ones we love and the planet at large. Virgo and Aquarius are the leaders in the “green movement”, and when in partnership, these signs can truly change the world, with Aquarian vision and Virgo practicality!

This service can start as a feeling -a feeling of kindness. Kindness to ourselves – our bodies, our minds and our feelings – and kindness extended to our communities and neighborhood, our families, friends and colleagues and further out, to the cities we live in and the countries we call home. Kindness can be a smile, a greeting, an acknowledgment of someone else’s presence, a charitable act, running an errand for someone unable to, or helping out at an animal shelter or old age home. This month, let kindness be your service, and watch the magical ripple effect take place and inspire those around you!

Aries ♈︎ March 20-April 20

It’s still a delightfully self-expressive month for you, Aries, as the planets linger in Leo and in your romance and play zone, making you feel silly and inclined to have a bit of fun – whether with or without a romantic partner! Halfway through the month, things shift as the planets move into Virgo and into your work zone, and you’ll find yourself balancing out a little more. It’s a productive period for you from mid-August, and you’ll find yourself ticking boxes off faster than you thought possible, which will give you an immense sense of satisfaction. You’ll also get back to a great routine, and it’ll be a fantastic time to detox and get healthy!

Gemstone: Rose Quartz

Taurus ♉︎ April 20-May 21

Things may have felt quite challenging in the homespace lately, Taurus, and you may have even picked up and placed your much-loved roots down elsewhere. Change is always scary for you, and with Uranus, planet of chaos, in your sign for some years to come, it’s a good idea to develop as much adaptability as possible – eventually, you’ll love the feeling of freedom that this planet is teaching you. Fortunately, the planets are now all moving into Virgo, a compatible earth sign, and into your zone of fun and romance – single Taureans may find new love on the horizon, and those of you who are attached can enjoy a refreshing burst of new energy in your current relationship!

Gemstone:Clear Quartz

Gemini ♊︎ May 21-June 21

You’re doing a little dance of joy as your ruler, Mercury, goes direct once again at the beginning of the month. There’s nothing quite as infuriating as Mercury Retrograde for you brainy signs, and you’ll be able to move forward again with a fresh perspective! Mercury also moves from sensitive Cancer into warm Leo, which is also a nice change for you, and it becomes that much easier for you to say what’s on your heart. This may be a month to take some time out as the planets move into Virgo, making you feel like withdrawing from the world a little. This is a wonderful opportunity to recoup your energy, to do some DIY and snuggle up with a few good books.

Gemstone: Ruby

Cancer ♋︎ June 21-July 23

It’s always important for you to watch the Moon cycles, dear Cancer, as the Moon rules your sensitive and tender zodiac sign. The Full Moon on the 15th falls in the area of your chart that speaks to transformative change. And so, it becomes important for you to look back at the last 6 months and see what changes you have wrought in your life, and how far you have come! The New Moon in Virgo at the end of August joins up with the rest of the planets in this earthy sign, making communication very important for you – it’s a good time to have those conversations that you’ve been wanting to, and to speak and listen with the greatest of kindness, as only you know-how.

Gemstone: Amazonite

Leo ♌︎ July 23-August 23

Up until the middle of the month, you’re fully enjoying your time in the spotlight, Leo! With the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars here until mid-August, you’re practically on fire, and there’s nothing you cannot manifest! Make the most of it, as things do shift into a new zone of your chart - your money and self-worth sector - which shifts the emphasis to how you value yourself, your skills and your talents. Are you selling yourself short, and could there be a way to increase your worth, Leo? Be kind to yourself, and remember to be realistic and practical about your spending and saving habits – with the planets in Virgo, it’s a time to streamline and get organized when it comes to your resources.

Gemstone: Labradorite

Virgo ♍︎ August 23-September 23

It’s almost your time to shine, Virgo, and although you don’t exactly enjoy having all the attention on you, it is your Birthday month after all, and a time to celebrate your achievements so far! Things have come full circle for you, and it’s time to start new things, especially with the New Moon in your sign at the end of the month. Adopt a new routine, a new health regime or simply Marie Kondo your home and office space to make space for new things to come in for the year! With the rest of the planets also moving into your sign, it’s a time to attract more of what you want, and to put yourself out there to receive what the universe has to gift you!


Libra ♎︎ September 23-October 23

It’s an extremely social time for you up until the middle of the month, Libra - with the planets in Leo and in your friendship zone, you’re living it up and feeling extra-loved! The goals you have been setting recently have been met with great success, and although there have been a few setbacks with the recent Eclipses, you still have a smile on your face! It’s only natural to go from an outward, extraverted period into a more introverted, private one as the planets reflect a shift into a quieter time after the middle of August. Fun can still be had, as the Full Moon lights up your pleasure sector, but it’s more of a romantic, private nature, just between you and your beloved.

Gemstone: Turquoise

Scorpio ♏︎ October 23-November 22

You’ve been enjoying a powerful career boost, and still will be until mid-August, Scorpio. The planets in your professional zone have been handing you some great opportunities to take control and get into a position of power! It’s a time to enjoy your successes – if you have worked hard of course - and feel the love coming your way as the planets move into Virgo and your achievement zone. It’s a wonderful period to take some time out for a bit of fun, to let your hair down and enjoy your tribe! Things feel like they’ve come full circle at home, too, as the Full Moon lights up this area and sheds light on what the next step is.


Sagittarius ♐︎ November 22-December 22

Hooray for you, Sagittarius – Jupiter, your ruler, is finally going direct in your own sign, after a 4-month Retrograde period! What does this mean for you? Well, it means that plans that have been put on hold, delayed, or have been slow to materialize, can finally start coming together, and you may start feeling as if the universe is finally back on your side. Not that it’s been too tough, as Jupiter traveling through Sagittarius this year has handed you many golden opportunities, and with this planet moving ahead once more, you can see these opportunities begin to take shape – fast! The only catch is that you may find yourself with an armful of exciting developments, and be unsure what to choose – but what a lucky position to be in!

Gemstone: Jade

Capricorn ♑︎ December 22-January 20

It’s been an intense year so far for you, Capricorn, most especially with the recent Eclipses in your sign, along with taskmasters Saturn and Capricorn! Many of you are feeling rather exhausted, and it’s a good time to take some rest this month, to slow down and be kind and gentle to yourself. You’ll find that things become lighter as the planets shift from Leo, in an intense zone of your astrology chart, into compatible Virgo and into your spiritual growth area. And along with a New Moon here, you may find the world offering you some exciting opportunities to grow through travel or study, to expand your knowledge and invite more wisdom into your life.


Aquarius ♒︎ January 20-February 18

There’s a lovely New Moon in your sign this month, Aquarius, and you may find that a dearly-held dream, something you’ve been working on for the last several months, comes into fruition around the middle of the month. It’s a personal vision you’ve held, and you’ll be amazed at how much you have grown this year - the spotlight is on you, and you’re feeling an enormous sense of accomplishment! The energy shifts from your relationships now into a more financially-focused time and you may find that people are more willing to help you than ever before with the resources you need. Relax into a responsive energy, and allow yourself to receive as much as you give, for once!

Gemstone: Garnet

Pisces ♓︎ February 18-March 20

With all the planets moving into Virgo and into your commitment and partnership zone, it’s a time to get close and cozy with your beloved, Pisces. Enjoy a renewed sense of care and kindness when it comes to both love and friendship, and with a sparkling New Moon here at the end of the month, you may find a wonderful new beginning in a particular relationship, or a renewal, lying ahead of you. Communication gets stronger and you feel a greater sense of great safety and security with those close to you. Behind the scenes, a Full Moon lights up your spiritual zone, and you may realize how much you have flourished in the last few months – there can be a wonderful sense of personal culmination over the month of August.

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Connecting deeply and finding balance

Connecting deeply and finding balance


Adding to the theme of nurturing Cancer, Venus, Lady of Love and Mistress of Beauty, will be making a comfy home in this water sign over July. Relationships take on this sensitive, tender energy, and we can feel more naturally pulled towards making a nest with our beloved.

This can also apply to our friendships, where we may become much closer and more in touch with our relational needs. It’s a wonderful time to connect with creative groups, to explore the world of art with the people we care about.

As Venus moves ever more deeply into this sign, she will connect with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, the opposite sign to Cancer.

What does this mean for us?

Well, when Venus and Saturn have an aspect, the theme that comes into play is commitment, and the universe may throw us a few situations in which we have to decide whether we can or can’t commit to a person, job or another situation.

The Eclipses may speed this decision up and create a little extra pressure, and following our gut is absolutely key!

Take some time this month to step back and ask yourself what commitment looks like to you, reflect on your needs and then take action come August.

If your relationships are strong, and you are true to yourself, you will come out on top, and if the situation or relationship is not built on the foundations you choose, then it can be a time of release. Either way, it’s a period of coming into your own, authentic desires and owning your values and what’s important to you.

As Venus lines up with Pluto, around the same time mid-July, we can experience powerful transformations in these relationships and situations, a sense of rebirth. It will take some bravery and courage to own up to a few shadow aspects, and to allow our loved ones a bit of room to have the same process.

It’ll be essential to keep the word “team” in mind, as Pluto can, at times, want to take control and have all the power. Finding a wonderful balance in which you can feel empowered and allow the other to as well is the sweet spot this month, and will make you feel as if you’ve both come out with something won. Here are some tips to make the best of this period:

  • Always choose the relationship rather than “winning” – this will help you retain what’s really important!
  • Explore your relationship to commitment and find a way of honoring yourself and your partner/family or friends
  • Create structure within your relationships, and fill them with love and tender care
  • Compromise, compromise, compromise! Find a way where everybody gets a little of what they want

Make this a season of deeper love, commitment, care and valuing those closest to you. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised come month-end when you’ve done the work and come out the other side triumphant!

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Dive deep with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

Dive deep with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

Eclipses are essentially super-charged New or Full Moons, and this powerful Full Moon can help us to completely let go of structures that just no longer work for us anymore. (It's happening on July 16)

Capricorn is the sign associated with work, duty and responsibility, and the energy around this time asks us for self-mastery and mindfulness around what duties are important to us, and what no longer serves us.

For example, if we are in a job that doesn’t line up with our heart’s desire, or find ourselves in a position in which we feel as if we are not mastering the skills we really want to, then this Full Moon can open a door for a different way of being.

Eclipses always feel a little intense, especially a Lunar Eclipse. Whereas the Solar Eclipse at the beginning of the month was more about new beginnings, and initiated certain things for us, this Lunar Eclipse asks us to re-visit where we were at in July 2018 and Jan 2019, and consider the themes at play around this time, and release unwanted baggage from our lives.

These are the same themes that may arise for us now, and the Universe may be giving us a nudge to resolve these core issues so that we can step into a space in which we feel fully cared for, nurtured and safe. Whilst the Moon is in Capricorn, the Sun resides in Cancer, and the balance will be to find safety within the structures of our life, and to give equal importance to both ideas. We need to fill our space with tenderness, to color our foundations in with love.

Some of us may experience family matters arising to be resolved – old things come up, and this offers us an opportunity for putting aside old baggage and healing from the ground up.

Over this Full Moon, let us find moments of getting our feet onto the ground, placing our hands over our hearts and listening very deeply to what our inner self is saying to us. We will know the right thing to do, though it can take time to actually take action, as Mercury Retrograde advises caution until the beginning of August.

There is a lovely alignment that will help us with our intuition – the Sun and Moon both connect to compassionate Neptune, and we can feel unconditional love arising amidst the intensity of the Eclipse.

The universe wants to guide us, and all we have to do is surrender to her and follow the flow. If we avoid jumping to conclusions or making hasty decisions, we will find that this Eclipse may be one of the best and most profound events of the year! 


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Navigating a sensitive Mercury Retrograde in Leo & Cancer

Navigating a sensitive Mercury Retrograde in Leo & Cancer

There’s a great deal of focus on the sign of Cancer over the month of July, and along with the New & Full Moon’s associations with this sign, we can be in much more of a “feeling” state than a “thinking” state. Mercury, as the planet of communication, will be diving deep into the intuitive waters of Cancer, and stimulating our imagination in this dreamy sign. The upcoming retrograde is an excellent time, therefore, to stimulate our minds through story, drawing, painting, or any other kind of creative activity. 

It’s important over this Retrograde period not to attach too much to the world of logic, and to sense the emotions beneath the words we communicate to others, and take note of what feelings are being communicated to us. If we try and logically figure out our own thoughts, or others’, this is where the problems of Mercury Retrograde will set in, when we will feel confused or befuddled. If we continue to look beneath the surface, we will find a wealth of connection and understanding and avoid the communication disasters that often cloud this time. 

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer will ask us to take a step back, to think on what family and home means to us, and how to create that. It’s not a time to make any decisions, but rather to bathe in the waters of our minds and float on the surface until the time is right to take action – once Mercury moves fully into Leo at the beginning of August, we will have a much clearer idea of how to go about creating these nurturing spaces for ourselves. 

We will also need to take note of any defensive behaviors or habits and make a pointed effort to not scuttle to the side when directly confronted – when we say what is in our hearts, directly and openly, we have a much better chance of being heard in the way that we need to be! This will be especially true when it comes to communicating with family, as well as with our closest partners and friends. 

Expect the usual mayhem with technology, cars and travel – this is a time that the universe asks us not to rush, to take a pause, a breath, and resume our normal mental pace at a later stage. If we are conscious, we can see this is simply an opportunity to stand back and see the bigger picture before moving ahead! Here are a few useful tips for this Mercury Retrograde: 

  • Get creative – whether it’s cooking, art or music you are into, find a way of enjoying these soul- nurturing activities 
  • Listen with your heart – put logic aside for a moment and let your heart tune into your needs and your closest people’s needs
  • Don’t make any decisions – use this time for reflection, and move ahead in August, once the eclipses are over and you feel more clear-headed
  • Back up! As always, back up your precious music, photos, documents and other tech-y things to avoid any heartache and frustration. 


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Expect Surprises with the New Moon Total Eclipse in Cancer

Expect Surprises with the New Moon Total Eclipse in Cancer

This New Moon offers something different; with it being a Total Solar Eclipse, it’s as if the new beginnings we initiate now have some extra “oomph” behind them, and we may feel very powered up indeed! When it comes to Eclipses, we often have to release something to make way for something new, even with a New Moon.

These periods of time may feel a little tough as doors are opened to our core wounds, and the universe asks us to speed up the healing process. So, with our powerful new beginnings, we may have some baggage we need to release to be able to step into a brand-new space. This New Moon asks us to fill our lives with the energy of creativity and to connect to our inner needs as deeply as possible.

Cancer is the sign of family and home, and perhaps many of us will feel the call to create a home that feels safe and secure for us, to create a family of our own choosing or to heal the breaches in our own families.

Though we may feel as if we are moving without much of a compass, this New Moon asks us to truly connect with our intuition and allow that to guide the way. Listening to your gut is absolutely essential over this New Moon period, as anything we set in motion now will bloom and blossom over the next 6 months – until the Full Moon in Cancer in Jan, 2020.

There will be some unexpected surprises with this New Moon in Cancer – with both Mercury and Mars being offered a challenging square aspect from erratic Uranus, we may leap before we look, or get sprung with something we never saw coming. This is when our intuition is going to serve us, as we will be asked to deal with a situation quickly!

We may also need to keep a close eye on our own promises, as we may, in the moment, commit to something that we won’t be able to honor, or act in a way that is completely spontaneous, though it could yield problematic results.


So, whilst this all may feel extremely exciting, let us go slowly and with caution, always checking in with what feels safe, what feels right, what feels like home for us. Cancer is a sign that calls us back, calls us to our heart’s desires, calls us to our authentic needs.

There is no need to rush!

Many of us will feel a call to creativity over this New Moon, and it can be an excellent time to initiate projects that helps us to re-connect with our creative center.

We may want to fill our homes and spaces with things that feel nourishing, the works of our own hands, so take this time to see where you can pour your heart and feelings into. This will help us move through powerful emotion, and re-orientate us towards a new beginning.

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