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Dec 2018 Horoscope: Mindfulness

Dec 2018 Horoscope: Mindfulness

The month of December can be a busy month of celebrations fused with joy, energy, and delight. With a variety of holidays to celebrate, the end of the calendar year, and the Solstice we may start to feel overwhelmed by all of the excitement and socialization.

There is a lot of action in the stars right now with a heavy emphasis on Sagittarius type joviality and indulgence. Staying mindful of how we feel in each moment along with taking time for a regular meditation practice can help glide us through this holiday season with added peace of mind.

Aries ♈︎ March 20-April 20

There is a lot of energy at this time that might be pushing on your boundaries a bit. Intense passion is likely and you might end up revealing your fiery temperament at this time. Give yourself a lot of room to breath and relax when you can. Your emotions will be running hot as is your desire for knowledge and experiences. Explore new territory, take a trip, or open yourself up to some consciousness expansion through meditation in order to take advantage of the present energy.

Gemstone: Amethyst

Taurus ♉︎ April 20-May 21

Emotions seem to take on a new meaning for you this month as you seem to be storing emotional energy in your physical body. Pay attention to the physical sensations you are feeling, you might even want to get up and move around or do some gentle yin yoga! This can help shift blocks in your energy field. Sifting through your emotions can bring up fresh new insights at this time. You are open to asking questions, confronting others, and taking the road less traveled this month!

Gemstone: Lava

Gemini ♊︎ May 21-June 21

This month can bring profound changes in the energy you bring to relationships both personal and business. You seem to be viewing the world from a new angle, with a deep concern for seeking out truth, justice, and balance. A shift is taking place within you that is bringing you closer to who you truly want to be. You approach each day this month with mindful consideration and curiosity for new perspectives; possibly finding yourself invited to other people’s personal family gatherings or ceremonies.

Gemstone: Tourmaline

Cancer ♋︎ June 21-July 23

Spiritually you are feeling the energy this month, seemingly taking on every piece of emotional content you come in contact with. You desire routine right now in order to keep yourself grounded and stable through the busy holiday season. Set aside time each day just for you; to clear your mind, meditate, or simply relax in order to be able to bring your best self forward when its time to have fun and socialize!

Gemstone: Prehnite

Leo ♌︎ July 23-August 23

You are feeling a bit spicier than usual this month and ready to bring more excitement to your everyday experiences. There is a lot of energy floating around which may lead to some unexpected feelings of overwhelm or anxiety. Take each day in stride as you move throughout the month. Although, you seem to be bursting with energy, remember to allow yourself to stay present and grounded when the time feels right. Trust your intuition on this one.

Gemstone: Sandalwood

Virgo ♍︎ August 23-September 23

You are really feeling a homebody vibe this month and desiring some inner peace and calm. Surprisingly, even during the busy holiday season, you find that moments of quiet serenity seem to come easily this month. This is the perfect time to engage yourself in some relaxing meditation practices. Reflect on the profound connection you have to your inner self and create closer relationships with family and friends.

Gemstone: Smokey Quartz

Libra ♎︎ September 23-October 23

You seem to come alive this time of year, enjoying the socialization and spirit of the holiday season. With excitement, passion, and love you desire to create special moments with the people you cherish. A sense of generosity seems to emanate from you as you aim to give gifts mindfully and thoughtfully to those you love. Unexpected positive news or successes seem to be coming  your way this month!

Gemstone: Amazonite

Scorpio ♏︎ October 23-November 22

Taking a grounded approach to this holiday season is your goal this month. You are feeling that security and stability is a top priority for you. Partners and lovers may be wanting some serious commitments from you at this time. Reflect on your deepest heart’s desires when it comes time to make decisions this month. Regular meditation and mindfulness practices can keep you in touch with your authentic source of wisdom.

Gemstone: Bronze

Sagittarius ♐︎ November 22-December 22

With all of the energy being filtered through your sign you may have a tendency to be over the top this month. You are outspoken and original, garnering an abundance of attention. Luck is on your side and many moments this month may feel unexpected or random. One thing for sure is that everything you do will be with sincerity and a genuine heartfelt need to share your experiences with others. Aim for a balance of give and take when establishing a spiritual connection with someone new.

Gemstone: Ruby

Capricorn ♑︎ December 22-January 20

This month is about drinking in your surroundings. The universe is asking you to observe and listen with intent. You are feeling the need to purify and restart some things in your life. Releasing the old and allowing in the new are general themes for you this month. Your meditations will feel more intense as the Solstice is taking place in your sign on the 21st of the month. This can feel like a profound time of transition so take things slow and stay grounded.

Gemstone: Sapphire

Aquarius ♒︎ January 20-February 18

Your friends and community is of the utmost importance to you. This holiday season you really feel the pull to share and create a sense of connection in your neighborhood. Expanding your surroundings and social networks comes naturally to you at this time. You desire spontaneity and quirkiness in how you choose to celebrate. Other people seem easily drawn in by your positive care-free vibration.

Gemstone: Tiger’s Eye

Pisces ♓︎ February 18-March 20

This Season you move with more drive and energy than you may typically have. There is a fiery passion you are bringing to the world, especially regarding career and creative projects. As your energy intensifies and business increases this month you may be feeling on top of the world! Taking about 10 minutes each day to engage in a meditation practice can mitigate any anxiety that may arise with the influx of ideas flooding your mind-space.

Gemstone: Garnet

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Nov 23: Full Moon in Gemini

Nov 23: Full Moon in Gemini

We're entering a Full Moon in Gemini on Nov 23. As Gemini and Sagittarius are opposite each other in the zodiac we are working within the polarity of these two energies. There is ample opportunity for an expansion of spiritual and mental energy to take place during this Full Moon.


  • Inspiration
  • Spiritual Seeking
  • Truth
  • Curiosity
  • Social Connections
  • Knowledge
  • Personal Growth

Sagittarius is associated with the fire element and Gemini is associated with air. When you get in touch with the elements of the signs a bigger picture starts to be revealed about what spiritual pathways you are accessing. Fire is spirited, intuitive, and impulsive while air is rational, mindful, and perceptive. During this Full Moon you have the opportunity to integrate these energies within you.

Ask yourself how you want to expand your consciousness and spiritual experiences. The energy of the Full Moon in Gemini will help you get in touch with ideas on how to do this.

As Mercury will be in retrograde during this time and Jupiter is moving into Sagittarius our minds will feel an impulse towards personal development and internal growth of the psyche.

This Full Moon phase is highly focused on what is going on within our mental processing and communications with others. How do we connect and engage with the world around us?

Some ways to get in touch with the cerebral focused air element of this Full Moon is deep breathing exercises, meditation, and practicing mindfulness.

The energy surrounding this Full Moon is less emotional and more passionate as you take on the Universal energy available to you. A desire for freedom and personal expression will become paramount as you come realize you are in control of your own life and spiritual destiny.

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How to use meditation cushions in your practice

How to use meditation cushions in your practice

Meditation cushions are a great tool to support a meditation practice.

They help elevate the hips, support your legs and ankles while sitting, and provide a comfortable spot for silence. We like to use them as a symbol for our sacred space — a time for ourselves. 

We designed our latest cushions to be visible in your home space, so you can leave them out in your bedroom, living room (or any other space!). We find that leaving them out in the open is a great reminder to take a moment or silence— even just 5 minutes an make a difference!

Here is how we use the cushions in our meditation practice:

- Set the cushions up in a visible space in your home (living room, beside your bed etc).

- We often place crystals and a singing bowl near by, along with our mala beads.

- Try to create a routine of rolling out of bed to your cushion each morning, or taking a few minutes to sit while your coffee or tea is brewing.

- When prepping to sit, we recommend having a large square cushion on the floor to support your knees and ankles. This provides padding for your legs, allowing blood flow to keep going. This helps prevent your knees and ankles from falling asleep. One less distraction in our practice! (You can also use a thick blanket folded up below the round cushion!)

- When sitting on the round cushion, pull your sit bones back. This will allow you to settle and root into the cushion. The round cushion helps to elevate your hips when sitting, as often times our hips aren't open enough to sit on the floor in meditation for long periods of time.

- Allow your knees to fall open onto the floor cushion. When finding the best posture, try not to stack your ankles on top of one another. Rather, one in front of the other. This also helps prevent them from falling asleep!

- If you have sensitive knees, you can also straddle the round cushion. Simply place it on the large square floor cushion, kneeling down with each knee on either side. This can sometimes be more comfortable! The floor cushion also offers great support in this position.

- Once you're comfortable, find a straight spine. The cushions allow you hips to settle in, providing support for your back. Place your hands face up on your legs (to receive energy) or face down (to ground). 

- Close your eyes and embrace your moments of silence!

We hope the cushions help provide a moment reconnection to yourself. 




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New: Meditation Cushions from India

New: Meditation Cushions from India

Our new meditation cushions have combined our love for sitting in silence with sustainability, artisan handiwork and design elegance.  All to help you with your meditation practice at home.

We spent a year visualization, developing and testing our new cushions with artisans in India — and we think you’re going to love them.

Our intention was simple: create pieces for your home that inspire a practice of mindfulness while complimenting your space.

We carefully crafted four sit sets: Taupe, Blush, Natural, and White. Each cushion is unique due to the handcrafted nature of the pieces. 

Made from recycled cotton, the cushions emulate the chindi style that is famous in India. 

Strips of recycled cotton have been stitched together to create a round sit cushion and a large square floor cushion. Stuffed with recycled cotton, the cushions are the perfect compliment to a home practice. 

The cushions themselves are the ideal height to support your hips, knees, and ankles while sitting in silence. Prop your hips on the round cushion, while supporting your legs and ankles with the round floor cushion. Or, simply sit with the round cushion. 

We believe these are pieces you can keep out in your living room, bedroom or office, acting as reminder to take a moment to connect with yourself. 

We hope you love them as much as we do.




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3 tips for Mercury Retrograde: Nov 2018

3 tips for Mercury Retrograde: Nov 2018

We're entering our last Mercury retrograde of 2018! It starts Nov 16 and ends Dec 6, with Mercury starting in Sagittarius and briefly moving back into Scorpio.

Mercury retrograde happens 3 to 4 times per year and is marked by a symbolic turn inward. Often, these cycles have a reputation for lost information, travel delays, and other communication mishaps, but keep in mind that Mercury retrogrades are nothing to stress about!

By taking a positive perspective to Mercury retrograde you have the opportunity to reframe your feelings about this astrological event. 

3 Tips for Mercury Retrograde

  1. Have a Mindful Review of Your Thoughts

Try reviewing all of your thoughts in the moment. Notice when you're around others, what's running through your mind?

Are you mentally somewhere else or “spacing out”? Take advantage of the Mercury retrograde energy to turn your focus to your own participation in conversations and daily life.

2. Be Mindful Before You Speak

The second mindfulness tip is to be mindful before you speak. Give yourself time and the opportunity to map out exactly what you want to say.

By giving everything you say intention and thought you will be more likely to connect and be present with others. Cultivating a sense of personal presence can be a challenge but Mercury retrograde energy is perfect for working on this interpersonal skills.

3. Be Mindful of What You Know

The last tip is to be mindful of what you know. At times we can launch into a debate or situation before we have gathered all the facts or taken into account our own feelings about things.

By being aware of what we do and don't know, we're better able to engage in the world with an open and receptive mind. Take into account how you feel and what feels right for you before taking action.

Notice your surroundings, your feelings, and the feelings of others. This practice will bring you more into alignment with not only yourself but the world and people around you.

As this Mercury retrograde is moving from Sagittarius to Scorpio we are working with the energy of both of these zodiac signs. We are tuning in towards the inner teacher side of Sagittarius and the investigative intensity of Scorpio. This cycle is about broadening and communicating our understanding of ourselves and others on a deeper level.

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The Law of Attraction for the New Moon

The Law of Attraction for the New Moon


The Law of Attraction uses the power of our minds and intentions to manifest our lives our dreams and desires. As the New Moon is taking place in Scorpio on Nov 7 we have an opportunity to access these energies within us.

By looking deeper into the meaning of Scorpio in combination with the Law of Attraction you will be ready to receive the energy of this November’s New Moon.

About Scorpio

Let’s start this discussion of the New Moon by understanding more about the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Here are some of the facts about this sign:

Key Phrase: I Desire

Element: Water

Symbol: Scorpion

Planetary Rulers: Pluto and Mars

The archetype of Scorpio is associated with mystery, deep emotions, and perception. When the Sun and Moon are in this sign together, the energy can be intense and very focused. Scorpio energy is working with the powers of the mind but also deep emotional content.

When we combine these ideas within us we have the opportunity to create a deeper connection to what we attract into our lives.

The magnetic energy and key phrase of Scorpio “I Desire,” allows us to examine how our thoughts and internal world play a part in the creation of our external world.

Integrating The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a great tool to bring up during this New Moon phase. The main component of the Law of Attraction we are focusing on is how your thoughts aid in manifesting your dreams and desires into your life.

By maintaining an image in your mind of your goals and a positive attitude towards them you are more likely to attract these things toward you.

By staying mindful and aware of the context and meaning behind your experiences as they happen you get to be more in flow with the vibrations of life.

One of the main themes that surrounds the Scorpio New Moon is setting an intention with the purpose of strengthening the potential of your thoughts and mind. By addicting emotions to your thoughts they become more intense and meaningful.

The New Moon is an empowering time in the Lunar cycle for infusing your goals with emotion and meaning for the month ahead.

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November 2018 Horoscope: Inner Voice

November 2018 Horoscope: Inner Voice

This November, we are urged to be more aware of our inner voice. We are experiencing a Balsamic moon on Nov 6, which is a beautiful time to tap into our intuition. Ten days later, on Nov 16, we will be entering Mercury Retrograde. This gives us an opportunity to take a look inwards and reflect on the present moment and our thought patterns. Read more below on the best gemstones for your sign as we enter this time of self-reflection. 

Aries [Mar 20-Apr 20]

This month acts as a container for you to explore your spiritual energy and vision. You have a desire to take a deep look at your dedication to your personal growth. Be open to creating an environment where people feel empowered to be themselves. The theme is sharing, being open and vulnerable in order to create connections with people that bring you closer together.

Gemstone: Rose Quartz

Taurus [Apr 20-May 21]

Relationships are the focus at this time. How you relate to others on an emotional and impassioned level may come up for you. There is a desire to evaluate, collaborate, and enhance the relationships you are already in. If you have been feeling under pressure lately this should start to ease. You have everything you need to feel fulfilled, whole, and universal.

Gemstone: Rhodonite

Gemini [May 21-Jun 21]

Stay mindful this month in how you choose to direct your energy. Communications at work may take on a shifting tone; don’t shy away from the deep stuff! Some of your co-workers may reach out to you for your spiritual insight and guidance. You have no problem remaining yourself as long as you maintain a perspective that allows you to share your feelings with open honesty.

Gemstone: Sandalwood

Cancer [Jun 21-Jul 23]

Inspiration seems to be coming from all directions this month! You have access to the deep well of emotions at the heart of your being. With immense creativity and passion you find the energy to genuinely share your inner vision with the outside world. People will be receptive to what you have to offer. Staying mindful and aware will bring you closer to your life’s purpose.

Gemstone: Sodalite

Leo [Jul 23-Aug 23]

You decide it is time for a break this month from your usual routines and habits. You want things to be in order, relaxed, and organized. There may be some unexpected time off or moments where you have a lot of downtime. Use these occasions to get into a new groove. Maybe try a new yoga or meditation routine to switch things up!

Gemstone: Cloud Quartz

Virgo [Aug 23-Sep 23]

There is something in the air that is drawing you out and into the world. You feel excited and energized for the future. This could mean connecting with others in your community, joining a yoga studio, or signing up for a spiritual workshop. You are feeling particularly open and ready to put in the effort to learn something new!

Gemstone: Garnet

Libra [Sep 23-Oct 23]

The energy around you is grounded at this time. Your mind is focused on creating security and stability for yourself and any people in your life who rely on you for support. Amidst all of your hard work this month remember to take breaks and time for self-care. After a long day of doing things for others give yourself the gift of a quiet evening meditation or a relaxing cup of tea before bed to vibe with your current energy.

Gemstone: Tourmaline

Scorpio [Oct 23-Nov 22]

As Mercury heads into a retrograde phase you desire to take a look at your internal process of filtering your emotions, exchange of information, and interactions with others. There is an opportunity to set your intention to stay mindful and present with the people in your life. You find that while connecting with others there is space for trust, compassion, and understanding to be created.

Gemstone: Obsidian

Sagittarius [Nov 22-Dec 22]

A streak of luck and positivity wash over you this month! Others feel at ease around you, feeling that they can relate to you on an honest and emotional level. You are feeling more outgoing right now and may speak your mind freely. Allow your vibe to stay joyous and liberated, your emotional connections will benefit.

Gemstone: Labradorite

Capricorn [Dec 22-Jan 20]

Finding and developing community is very important to you right now. You are desiring to create connections with friends and people who share your interests and values. Meditation is where you will find the answers you are looking for at this time. Developing a connection with your body, mind, and soul will help bring a sense of clarity, awareness, and balance throughout the month.

Gemstone: Rudraksha

Aquarius [Jan 20-Feb 18]

You are very focused on your public persona at this time. There is a drive to define yourself and get in touch with the person you truly want to be. Looking inward is where you will find the answers you need. Listen to your inner voice and trust your deepest sense of intuition and knowing. Cultivating a mindful approach to life on the inside will carry over to the outside.

Gemstone: Moonstone

Pisces  [Feb18-Mar 20]

You have an increasing desire to learn and grow in knowledge. You may decide to take a trip to your library or start exploring a new spiritual practice. Reach out to local leaders and healers for advice on where to go next. There is a deeper desire to seek out truth that is surrounding your energy at this time. You are looking for answers.

Gemstone: Amethyst

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Working with your Throat Chakra during the Full Moon

Working with your Throat Chakra during the Full Moon


Late in the month of October we have a Full Moon in Taurus opposite the Sun in Scorpio. On Oct 24 Scorpio is seeing a lot of planetary action and Taurus is acting in juxtaposition to this energy. We want to take a look at the physical body and the throat chakra in particular during this Full Moon phase.

The zodiac sign of Taurus is associated with the throat, singing, and vocal cords along with the Vishuddhi or throat chakra.

As the Full Moon is a time of increased energy, culmination, and power we are given the opportunity to use this energy to the fullest spiritual advantage.

Using the vibration of our voices; through mantras, chanting, or simply speaking our truth we are honoring the energy of the Full Moon in Taurus.

Some crystals you can work with during this time are ones that are associated with opening and enhancing the use of the throat chakra abilities.

Examples of gemstones, metals, and crystals you can meditate with or wear during the Full Moon are the following:

If you choose to spend time in meditation on this particular chakra, try to imagine the color blue; which esoterically has been associated with truth.

As Taurus is a very tactile Earth sign pay very close attention to how your body is feeling. Your physical senses may be heightened and you may also get chills or other intuitive sensations throughout your body.

Psychic skills always seem to increase around this time in the lunar cycle making us much more sensitive empathically to the people, animals, and world around us.

This full moon is a magical and spiritual time providing us all a moment in the monthly cycle when we can embrace the lunar energy.

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Balancing Yin and Yang Energy

Balancing Yin and Yang Energy

This new moon, on Oct 8, is a time to shed awareness on internal balance. During the New Moon in Libra we have a unique opportunity to balance seemingly opposite energies within ourselves

Now is the perfect time to set intentions for the lunar cycle ahead. If you feel you're are spending too much time in solitude or too much time socializing, this is the time to re-evaluate what balance looks like.

It can be a challenge when working with the energy of Libra to make decisions based solely on what we want. Often, there is a desire to please everyone and accommodate to an extreme degree in order to keep the peace sometimes at the expense of our own needs or wishes.

One of the best ways you can harmonize this energy is through a meditation specifically designed for balancing yin and yang energy in the body.

According to ancient spiritual traditions we all have the capacity accessing the yang (outward energy) and yin (receptive energy) at different times.

As the New Moon is a time of setting goals, fresh starts, and new cycles this is the perfect time to focus our hearts and minds of finding equilibrium within ourselves.

Here is a quick yin/yang balancing meditation you can do at home or while on work on a break:

  • Sit on the floor crossed legged or in a chair with your feet flat on the ground
  • Close your eyes
  • Practice mindfulness by noticing the energy present around you
  • Let surrounding stimuli and thoughts pass through mind. Note them and allow them to drift by naturally
  • Turn your attention to your breathing
  • Notice how you breath in and out, inhale and exhale
  • Allow yourself to start to turn inward, bringing your awareness to your heart-center
  • You are next going to start a series of deep breathing techniques to balance yin and yang energy
  • On the inhale imagine you are breathing in everything you want in life. Be especially receptive while breathing in, mentally storing the energy you have just taken in
  • With the energy stored and generated on the inhale you are now going to release it into the world on the exhale. Remind yourself to be active and present in your everyday life
  • Repeat several sets of deep breathing up to 5 times
  • Take one final deep breath and open your eyes

If you start with your own personal self, doing yin yang balancing meditations, you will better be able to face the seeming imbalances that exist in day to day life.

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Venus Retrograde: 3 ways to embrace it

Venus Retrograde: 3 ways to embrace it

We're entering the rare phase of Venus Retrograde!

From Oct 5- Nov 16 the planet of love (Venus) is heading into retrograde in the sign of Scorpio. Don't worry — it's not the same as Mercury retrograde.

What's the Difference Between Mercury and Venus Retrograde you ask?

Venus retrogrades are much rarer and carry a different energy.

Mercury is associated with communication, daily travel, and information exchange. A Mercury retrograde period is symbolic of taking more a turn inward which is why messages get lost and your emails seem to disappear!

Venus is symbolic of attraction, sweetness, love, and beauty. Venus retrograde only happens once every 584 days, making it the least likely planet to be in retrograde!

A Venus retrograde cycle does not mean you are going to fall out of love or your relationships will go haywire! Instead, it is a time to reflect inward on how you are relate to yourself.

This is a great time for the flow of gracious energy towards self; for taking a deeper look into how you relate to love, beauty, and sweetness on an internal level.

Here are 3 ways you can embrace Venus in retrograde this October!

1. Remember Sweetness

Venus is traditionally associated with anything sweet; this includes foods, relationships, or simply kindness. During this retrograde remember to be gracious to yourself and others! Staying mindful of your relationship with sugar on a physical level is also a part of our task for a Venus retrograde cycle. Do we need more sweetness in our life whether physical or symbolic? Pay attention to this aspect of life; giving yourself room for forgiveness, space to make mistakes, and ultimately self-love.

2. Practice Reflection

The planet Venus is symbolic of receiving (or yin energy), especially as it appears to travel backwards through the receptive water sign of Scorpio. During this Venus in retrograde cycle take time to meditate or deeply reflect on your relationship needs.

Scorpio energy is intense, desiring to get to the heart of an issue. This is your time for some self-exploration by turning your energy inward to reflect on your authentic experience.

3. Mindfully Relate to Others

The energy of Venus is all about how we relate to others including lovers, friends, and colleagues. During Venus in Retrograde pay close attention to how mindful you are when engaging with others. Are you truly listening and in the moment?

This is a great time to open your mind, reflect on what is happening around you, and stay mindful of the feelings, emotions, and energy during your interaction with others.

During this retrograde we have the unique opportunity to experience the gentle energy of Venus in a new way. Reflecting on our inner world and experience and the aspects of life that bring you sweetness, insight, and relationship fulfillment are the themes for this cycle.



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