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February 2020 Monthly Horoscopes

Beyond the Surface Relationship to self and other is being highlighted for many of us this month! The energy present is about support, understanding, and finding a deeper sense of compassion for on...
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Planting Seeds of Presence

December marks a time of change and transition. When we get to this time of year we are starting to wrap things up and prepare for the next year’s cycle. At this time the energy is internally focus...
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Alchemical Transformations

This month has an alchemical vibe to it. Internally we are changing, evolving and growing. The process may feel slow at times but the results are transformative. A new perspective is becoming avail...
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Balancing the Heart & Mind

What in your life needs to be re-set or re-evaluated? October is all about balance, restoration, and wellness. The beginning of the month is focused on the external, while the ending of the month b...
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I Am Enough

We sat down with 6 incredible women to showcase our new I Am Enough campaign. We asked each of them why they believe they are “enough” - here are their incredibly powerful responses.  Chervelle Ca...
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How to: Crystal Kits

We love using crystals in our meditation practice. From laying the stones out to inspire an intention, to clearing the space of negative energy, to holding them in our hands as a focus point while ...
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