10 Ways to Reset Your Mind, Body and Soul

We’ve all been there before. Whether it’s feeling a lack of motivation, stress, tiredness or boredom. The good thing is not to worry — getting stuck is an inevitable part of life. What's important is to recognize the triggers and carve out some time to recharge and renew. Check out our 10 top tips for resetting your mind, body and soul when feeling disconnected:

1. Drink lemon water in the morning:

Start your day off with a large dose of hydration by drinking a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon. Lemon water helps rejuvenate dull skin, and also helps you digest food better so you’ll be less bloated throughout the day. 

2. Start your day with YOU time

The way we spend our morning sets the tone for the rest of our day, so kick off your day by doing something you love. Even a mere 15 minutes spent journaling / practicing yoga or meditation can have a profound effect on the rest of your day so start if off right, and make time for you and the things you love before the rest of life's demands creep in.

3. Nourish your skin:

Moisturize: Keep your skin looking radiant and glowing throughout the day by investing in a bottle of your favourite moisturizing face or body cream. 

Scrub: What better way to get your skin back into it’s supple state than with a good body scrub? Take time to shed those unwanted cells and say goodbye to dull, rough, and dry skin. 

Glow: If your skin is looking a little lackluster, rosehip oil is an amazing thing to use on your face before bed because it helps even out skintone and creates a glowing complexion. Try this Organic Rosehip Oil from Teddie Organics!

4. Get some fresh air:

Go outside on your lunch break (or whenever you have 10 minutes to spare) and try not to bring your phone. Notice your surroundings, feel the air on your skin, and take in some long, deep, and meditative breaths. This will immediately help to calm your nervous system and help your mind to focus.

5. Declutter your digital life:

Give yourself fewer options for distraction by deleting apps you don’t use, emails you don’t need, and bookmarks you aren’t going to read. 

6. Up your fruit and veg intake:

More often than not, the choices we make around food are the cause of most of our problems. If you've neglected your body recently, try adding in more of the good stuff – think fruit smoothies with spinach, a salad for lunch, and hummous and veggies as a snack. 

7. Practice positive affirmations:

Trust in the power of affirmations and know that you too deserve some words of encouragement throughout your day. Each day, think of an affirmation (or mantra) that you would like to focus on depending on your needs at that particular time. Here are some examples:

I am grateful 
I have everything I already need
This too shall pass

8. Freshen up your desk space:

Every now and then, rearrange by entire desk space at work, and it’s amazing how a little change can increase your productivity tenfold. Give your area a clean down, move things around, and get rid of any clutter you don’t need. Keep some essential oil, room spray or  nearby so you cang a room mist like this one to freshen up your area whenever you need to.

9. Focus on one thing at a time.

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list, get serious about your priorities and figure out what you can set aside for now. Re-structure your tasks so you can focus on one thing at a time and know that often we have days that are more productive than others. It's natural! Just make sure to yourself. 

10. Explore:

Even if you can’t get very far, make it your business to visit a town or area near you that you’ve never been to before. Explore unknown territories in your neighbourhood, try out a new coffee shop, or even just take a different route to work to switch things up. Once you change your routine a little, you’ll be out of that slump in no time.


Article inspo: http://theblissfulmind.com

March 01, 2017 by Ciara McCarthy

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