Finding your Inspiration: Gemstones for the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini

Finding your Inspiration: Gemstones for the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini

On June 10th the Sun and Moon meet up in the cerebral sign of Gemini for the New Moon and a solar eclipse. As a sign ruled by the planet of travel and journeys, Mercury, you are being shown the way to renew and restore the inner light that guides your life’s path.

On this New Moon, we invite you to take space to honor what inspires you. Seek your joy. This energy is about reaching out towards what you love, adventuring to find it, and engaging in meaningful connections along the way. It is about re-setting your intentions towards being imaginative, open, and curious -- and also be willing to take a few risks every now and then.

Below are some suggested crystals for this New Moon’s energy, affirmations, and a couple of ways you can engage with your gemstones.

Collective Gemstones for the New Moon in Gemini

Affirmations for the New Moon in Gemini

  • I am listening to the call of my spirit

  • I am the main character in my story

  • I am on an adventure that will last a lifetime

  • I am following my joy

  • I am surrendering into my bliss

How to partner with your gemstones for this New Moon

At times, figuring out which direction to steer your life in can get muddled. By seeking out clear communication from your higher self, you are able to rekindle the spark that motivates you. This New Moon is a great time to recommit to your life’s journey, based on what you truly want to be doing, and not just what you think you have to be doing.

You can partner with gemstones to help you parse out which thread you need to follow in the tapestry of existence. Here are two ways you can work with your gemstones to find support, clarity, and validation on your journey during this New Moon.

  1. Wearing your gemstones

The first method we recommend is wearing your mala beads or crystal jewelry. Each crystal has a particular resonance that can assist in re-aligning your mindset towards what you need to know. Being in the presence of certain crystals will bring things into your consciousness that were not previously there.

Just like when you are developing a close friendship and you spend time with a person, wearing your gemstones is a way to deepen the relationship. Gemstones can help you understand the subtle sensations of its energy, which can nudge you in a beneficial direction.

  1. Meditating with your gemstones

The next method we suggest is to meditate with your gemstones, try using some from the list at the beginning of this article. Or explore crystals that resonate with where you are at in your life and what things you are personally working on. Chanting a mantra over each of the mala beads is a great way to get your energy moving and your throat chakra open for increased clarity.

Lucidity around what your soul is longing for is the goal. You can even just hold your gemstones in mindfulness meditation, taking in the wisdom of that crystal’s vibration. Bring your focus towards opening up your mindset and inviting inspiration into your life.

Closing thoughts

Even under the mysterious energy of the dark of the Moon, there are still lessons to unearth and magic to discover. Learn to follow your bliss and trust in your soul’s unfoldment. Ally with the healing powers of gemstones and step forward into the unknown during this New Moon Solar Eclipse June 2021.

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