July 2021 Horoscopes: Drawing Inspiration

July 2021 Horoscopes: Drawing Inspiration

Who do you admire and draw your inspiration from? This month is about appreciating others for who they are, while at the same time appreciating ourselves for who we are. The energy is generous, loving, and affectionate overall. It is emotional and caring and shows us where personal gifts, talents, and abilities get to shine. We can see our lives as complete in and of themselves, never off the path no matter how far we seem to veer away from it. We can look at someone elses life for motivation. The journey of another person is a great way to remember that we are also becoming and that we already are. 


You can creatively weave your intentions this month to manifest something truly outstanding. The potent emotions that live at the core of who you are want to come out. They want to be expressed and seen. Spend the first half of the month analyzing and seeping into these subconscious layers of yourself. When you have an inkling of what is ready to be born, start to take action towards your creations becoming. Powerful healing energies are being birthed into the world through you at this time. 

Gemstone: Amazonite


What are you transforming in your life? Parts of your psyche are ready to evolve and there might be some growing pains. So when faced with a tough decision this month, make the one that feels most aligned with who you are. While both paths could lead to successful outcomes, one way might end up being more inspiring than the other. The strange thing to grapple with is that no matter which way you choose and how hard it is to decide, you will have made the right decision. 

Gemstone: Amethyst


Explore your relationship to your confidence and courage. You know how special you are and that you have a unique vision to share with the world. This month, you will be focusing on the interpersonal relationships with those in your immediate environment at work, at home, or with family members. Your inherent bravery bursts through into your actions. Notice this most in the way you speak about yourself; become aware of where you need to transform the narrative to one that deeply aligns with who you are. 

Gemstone: African turquoise


Within you is a spiritual flame full of intention, heart, and generosity. This month, let these sides of yourself be expressed without hesitation or fear. Work through any worry that keeps you from speaking your truth, showing yourself, or being who you know yourself to be. You can be very creative at this time, delving into the layered realities of your soul to find some answers. Meditation will be one of the doors that unlocks these important lessons for you. 

Gemstone: Moonstone


You are able to let self-expression have full reign this month. At first, you might be holding back, but by the end of this cycle, you will have begun something amazing. Slowly removing the masks that keep you hidden, even from yourself. When you are so repressed or distanced from your experience, you might unintentionally ignore parts of who you are. When you recognize that something is you and a part of your path, you can work through any “imposter syndrome” and dive fully in. 

Gemstone: Chrysocolla


You have the tendency to take things very seriously. Your heart, mind, and soul thrive out of the intense devotion that you embody. This month, that devotion becomes more nuanced and delicate. Your mind is able to find a greater sense of flexibility within the confines of an experience. The box is widened and you are able to spread out and even step out of the edges that are present. See this expanded point of view; mindfully move through each moment with humor, inspiration, and intuition.

Gemstone: Labradorite 


You know that what you are expressing is only a fraction of what you have the potential for. There is more to your story, and you are able to experience more confidence this month in showing it. Find a way to reveal more of your identity, or even a persona that you are crafting; it is all you, creative, and magical. Let the emotions that you feel play a leading role. When they get to take center stage, your heart bursts open with compassion, love, and harmonizing forces. 

Gemstone: Tiger’s eye


This month try to focus on the time in between tasks. Ask yourself, what your mindset is just before you begin something. Notice how you are starting things off and how you transition from task to activity throughout the day. Take a deep breath before responsibilities and events begin. Set yourself towards a mindset of intentionality. Make a point to choose how things will be, even if you cant control it all, you can manage these moments with mindfulness and the breath. 

Gemstone: Smokey Quartz


By the end of this month, the mundane will be getting pretty boring to you and you will be off to seek a new adventure. The undercurrent of restlessness propels you away from where you are currently standing. It is intangible at the moment, but you can sense its subtle presence, almost taste it as your hands reach out into an endless stretch of possibilities before you. Let yourself get swept up in this feeling. Romantic notions of seeing what else is out there and all of the other delicious wanderlust mindsets. This is you, embrace that your roots travel with you. 

Gemstone: Howlite


You hold the keys to a door within you that is waiting to be unlocked. There is a deep dive into the subconscious depths of your mind that you are preparing for. If youre going to enter into any type of shadow work this month though, do it mindfully. Meditate, journal, and have a rough sketch of where you will be journeying to. Your relationships are central and you could be processing events of the past and events of the present. Learn to be vulnerable with yourself and expand your self-awareness for the better. 

Gemstone: Amethyst


Your connections are growing and you are able to network beyond your usual circles this month. Be social and expressive. Nurture your sense of outgoingness and extroversion; this is a month when new relationships can be forged. Foster the seedlings of friendship that are starting to grow in your life. Be mindful of those you care about and consciously enter into these high vibe bonds with others. New experiences keep your imagination active and your heart in the present moment. 

Gemstone: Tourmaline


Manage your schedule this month to better align with your life path. If you are skewing your time too far towards something you dont want to be doing, then now is the time to change it. Take action, the energy is all about making tangible adjustments to your daily life. You can get creative in your approach and incorporate consistent spiritual practice in your routines. You will be more open and sensitive right now and need the grounding energy that a regular check-in with the universe will assist you in managing. 

Gemstone: Lava 

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