May 2021 Horoscopes: Earth-Centered Evolution

May 2021 Horoscopes: Earth-Centered Evolution

This month earth energies are at the center of astrological events. A re-framing and re-alignment with nature brings us into our heart center. Being connected with the natural world assists us in fulfilling both our practical, physical, emotional and spiritual needs. At the same time, Uranus, the planet of revolution and change, will be in close aspect to the Sun. Solar forces combined with shifting attitudes can assist in inviting change that is needed both personally and globally.  


How you manage the resources in your life is in focus at this time. You are being more intentional with your use of things and how you spend your time. Make incremental habitual changes each day until you arrive at a place you feel satisfied with this month. You are ready to integrate lessons around spirituality or the body into your daily routines. The way you manage your time, money, and resources can undergo alterations that allow you to be able to breathe a sigh of relief. 

Gemstone: Lava


You glow with beauty and resonance at this time, able to sing the true song of your soul. Abundance is coming into your life in ways you could not have imagined. Embrace the joy and ecstasy that works to uproot entanglements from your past. You are filled with a greater sense of hope and optimism for your future. Allow your actions through your body, mind, and daily ritual to be a mirror for the transformations taking place within you. Be in true alignment with yourself and express yourself. 

Gemstone: Tigers Eye


Reach back this month into events of the past to understand your present. You have come full circle and processed something from a year ago through to completion. Let yourself close the loops that have played themselves out. Review the lessons learned -- things always look different after some time has passed. You can channel what you now know into creative projects, community involvement, or self-development. Direct your personal power from potential into action. 

Gemstone: Amazonite 


Your relationship with society, in general, is in focus. You are seeing and understanding how you engage in your community in a new light. The insights gained can give you a solid foundation from which to contemplate your life at the moment. Current adjustments to broader concepts and personal beliefs can bring about the changes you hope to see. Maintain your optimism and do things that are practical, helpful, supportive, and nourishing for both yourself and others at this time. 

Gemstone: Jade


A slow determination gets you noticed this month. You show up with a solid sense of know-how and people are more apt to put their trust in you. Rise up into the leadership role you were born for. Be a voice for good and an influence in ways that can truly make a difference. Start with yourself and the personal work you are doing. Keep going -- stamina is on your side right now as well as clarity of mind, body, and soul. 

Gemstone: Rose Quartz


A desire to adventure out of your ordinary boundaries and the confines of your life is possible right now. You feel a sense of wanderlust or a calling towards something more beyond yourself. Your dreams could be more vivid and your imagination a fertile ground for ideas and inspiration. Abundant knowledge is the theme; which when tended to and nurtured grows into great wisdom. Your receptivity to inquiry and expansion will feel rewarding at this time. 

Gemstone: African Turquoise 


The spaces you share with another person are in focus. Mindful conversations and discussions that focus on shared experiences are possible. You are drawn towards seeking pleasure and finding your own sense of contentment. When these things align with another person, all the better for you! Finding your joy with another human can be greatly fulfilling. Make solid plans this month to foster a bond you share with someone -- create space for all the layers of connection; physical, emotional, and spiritual. 

Gemstone: Chrysocolla 


You are open to exploring new ways of doing things. You are being magnetically drawn towards a change in lifestyle. Follow your instincts at this time, the information, media, and stories that you are attracted to could have a message for you to go deeper with. Discover and explore openings in your thinking that allow you to invite concepts that can be grounded into your reality. Be physically present in your body, connect to your breath, and sense your way through things. 

Gemstone: Labradorite 


A transformation is taking place in your approach to your personal life and self-care. You are being confronted with finding a new way of managing your day-to-day routines and responsibilities. Slow down and find contentment and joy in the moments in-between tasks. Life could be feeling very rushed right now so manage what you can. Assert your needs and mindfully nourish your body first and take care of external things second. 

Gemstone: Howlite


You can be an expert at manifestation this month. Earthly and spiritual abundance are both being called into your life. Let the universal energies guide you towards the creative projects and people that inspire you. Allow your imagination to be illuminated with the objects and concepts that fill your life with magic. Sit with yourself and mindfully review what you are here to do, what is your path, and how do you want to use your skills in a tangible way. 

Gemstone: Amethyst 


Give yourself lots of space this month to be away from others and increase the time you have for yourself. Solitude may feel like a necessity and the room to process and think through things can be very useful to your spiritual journey. In addition, stretching, meditation, or yoga are excellent ways to move your energy right now. There is a tendency to get energetically stagnant under the current influences. Stay out ahead of this by providing a pathway for the energy to move through you. 

Gemstone: Obsidian 


You can be very deliberate this month about who and how you interact with others. Your social life will likely be more active and you are also likely to be out and about more often. Balance your schedule and manage your commitments and responsibilities with a practical mindset. Staying self-aware and organized builds more time into your day for spiritual or meditation practice -- which ends up giving you an added layer of nourishment for your soul. 

Gemstone: Moonstone

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