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Guided Meditation: I Am Enough 21-Day Meditation Series

Guided Meditation: I Am Enough 21-Day Meditation Series

$48.00 USD

We designed these meditations to help you reconnect to yourself, and grow through any limiting beliefs. The repetition of positive affirmations is a powerful tool. It's proven to help break negative thought patterns and replace them with positivity, compassion, and self-love.

During the course of this series, we urge you to connect to your most expansive self without boundaries. Use this series as a daily reminder that YOU are enough.

In this meditation series, you'll receive 21 guided meditations . Each practice is under 10 minutes long. 


21 Day Meditation Challenge Intro
Week 1:
I Am Beginning
I Am Grateful
I Am Rooted
I Am Rising
I Am Courageous
I Am Limitless
I Am Becoming
Week 2:
I Am Clear
I Am Supported
I Am Illuminated
I Am Magic
I Am Beautiful
I Am Grace
I Am Lucky
Week 3
I Am Here
I Am Open 
I Am Calm 
I Am Balanced
I Am Radiant
I Am Connected
I Am Breathing