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Guided Meditation: Pacha Mama (4-part series)

Guided Meditation: Pacha Mama (4-part series)

$32.00 USD

Pacha Mama is a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes and is also translated to Mother Earth. Many cultures believe our world is an embodiment of a mother deity. These meditations honor the Sun, Moon, Earth & Water. Wear these pieces as a reminder of how we can offer our love back to Mother Earth through mindful attention and heartfelt appreciation. 

In this meditation series, you'll receive 6 audio recordings. One short introduction, one short extro, and 4 guided meditations approximately 10 minutes long.


Pacha Mama Introduction
Pacha Mama Sun
Pacha Mama Ocean
Pacha Mama Earth
Pacha Mama Moon
Pacha Mama Extro