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Bronze Statues

Authentic bronze statue deities.
Hand crafted and painted with love by local Artisans in Bali.
Designed to remind you of your intentions, support your practice and create a sacred space.

Buddha Statue Collection

Our Buddhas are designed to help support you in creating a sacred space at home. Our wooden Buddhas are hand-carved in Ubud, Bali and represent meditation, protection and prayer. 

I Am Strong Bracelet - Rudraksha

Buy 2 Get 1 - Malas and Bracelets all

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Authentic Balinese Offering Candles.
Hand painted and poured using sustainably harvested beeswax from Indonesia.
Designed to remind you of your intentions, support your practice and create a sacred space.
Ombre Grey Mala

Chinese Labradorite

Labradorite is believe to inspire magic, serendipity & synchronicity. Wear the stone as a reminder to embrace of the beautiful and magical 'coincidences' of life. The stone is great to wear in times of change as it also provide strength and perseverance. 
Adventure: Crystal Intention Kit


Chrysocolla is worn as a reminder for balance. It's believed the stone was carried by Cleopatra when entering negotiation to help her better understand others.

Ombre Grey Mala

Cloud Quartz

Quartz is the most abundant stone on Earth. It is often used to help cleanse a space of negative energy, keeping out bad vibes and helping ground the area.
Intuition: Crystal Intention Kit

Crystal Collection

These crystals are meant to inspire your meditation practice. We like to use them to set intentions, clear spaces, and encourage grounding. We place them around our home, and carry them with us for wellbeing. We hope they inspire you to live with intention and embrace a practice of mindfulness.
I Am Love Mala - Rudraksha

Deeper Discount

Father's Love Mala

Father's Day

We've hand selected our top selling items for Dad. Including some new Limited Edition pieces. Give the gift of intention to Dad this Father's Day. 
Obsidian Crystal Orb


Take a deep breath. Root your feet down into the ground. You are fearless, You are powerful. You can do this. These stones associated with resistance and persistence helping the wearer manage and complete tasks with focus, will power, strength, confidence and discipline. 


Festival season is here!
It's a time for adventure, travel, freedom and fun
We made these neon malas for you to dance, sing, and yoga your hearts out with friends and new friends to come!
I Am Free Mala - Rudraksha


Strength and Luck Mala


Luxe — Garnet and Bronze Mala (online exclusive)


Garnet is worn as a reminder of the divine feminine. Many associate the deep red stone with vigor and vitality. For some, it carries the intention of being a sexual stimulant.

I Am Whole Mala - Rudraksha

Gift Guide: Best Sellers

We've made gift giving easy for you! These are our best selling pieces — from Mala necklaces to bracelets.  For help on choosing a Mala for someone else, visit our blog post:
I Am Worthy Mala - Rudraksha

Gift Guide: For Her

Ombre Black Mala

Gift Guide: For Him