2023 Monthly Horoscopes

February 2023 Monthly Horoscopes: Genuine Love & Connection

2023 marks the start of new cycles which can symbolize broader changes taking place both personally and collectively. There will also be space to consider how to create moments of self-care and supportive routines and rituals.

February 2023

This month is filled with vivid creativity, magical moments, and inspirational spirituality that can be shared in your relationships. Seek out people and places that awaken your wanderlust and allow the dreamy and intuitive sides of yourself to be activated. 

Share the present moment with others, delving into the beautiful layers of your connections, and allowing space to appreciate and recognize each other for how special and unique you are. The Full Moon on the 5th will be an especially powerful time to plan how you can show someone you care, just in time for Valentine’s Day on the 14th. 

This can be a time of togetherness, deeply nourishing to the soul. Find that self-love practices are especially important right now as well and can lead to more authentic connections with others. Notice that genuine and mutual exchanges of energy can flow right now, bringing true sweetness, love, and care into your life. 

Gemstones: Labradorite


You can envision something very specific for your life right now, but events tend to be more nebulous than that at present time. Let yourself find peace in not knowing and invite in the headiness that is the current energy. This can give way to amazing creative moments or profound spiritual insights. In addition, your friendships and relationships will have more space to focus on emotional and empathic exchanges of energy. There is a lot to be shared and the beautiful moments that arise will truly be medicine for the soul. 

Gemstones: Smokey Quartz


You certainly are ready to take things to another level this month. A gentle inspiration takes hold of you and your capacity for creativity expands with ease and grace. This month helps you imbibe your spirituality using your most subtle senses and opens you to the mysterious. It can be a time to cultivate your intuition and practice trusting the information your body, mind, and spirit share with you. Let the heightened awareness bring you more into the present moment, especially the deeper or hidden layers operating behind the scenes of the material world. 

Gemstones: Lava


Expect events to conspire in the most magical ways this month, the wheels of destiny are turning and a myriad of dynamic situations are likely to unfold as a result. You are here for it and the excitement fuels your energy, inspiration, and drive forward in beautiful ways. Take space for your goals and intentions this month; see them initiated with a plan or a first step. The momentum behind your endeavors, whether spiritual, emotional, or physical, is strong at this time. You can stay true to your deepest self as things come to fruition in compelling ways.  

Gemstones: Clear Quartz


The magic of the present moment brings you into an acute and heightened sense of awareness that you are here for. It is important to stay connected to your breath this month as things have a way of feeling more floaty or ungrounded. Keep returning to your body and breath again and again to center yourself. Stay rooted in the physical while still taking note of the mystical experiences that flow through you into the present moment. It is an excellent month for intuitive development, creative endeavors, and poetic expressions of all kinds. 

Gemstones: Rhodonite


Themes for you this month tend to focus on interpersonal, intimate, and close relationships. Events are likely to transpire that give you a lot to contemplate and potentially some decisions to make. The Full Moon in your sign on the 5th helps illuminate the spiritual or emotional dimensions of the situations you find yourself in. Remember to stay mindful day-to-day and incorporate mindfulness meditation practices in your month when possible. This can help you stay clear and sure of yourself. Stay aware of your emotional needs in particular and create space to express what is on your heart and mind. 

Gemstones: Moonstone


So many beautiful and rich moments are likely to permeate your experiences this month. There is sweeping energy moving through your life, helping you clear out the past and be lucidly aware of the present. Bring this mindfulness into your activities, projects, and endeavors of all kinds. Your perception is likely to broaden this month, helping you expand into new arenas of thought and experiences. This is a month for saying ‘yes’ when it feels right and allowing yourself to experiment and try new things. 

Gemstones: Tiger's Eye


You can plan for some beautiful moments with the people in your life this month. Anticipate deep connections unfolding with love and compassion as the main themes. Making plans will happen with ease and you can meet up and even reconnect with some people from the past. Notice what you have the capacity for, and focus on making your interactions about quality as opposed to quantity. You’ll also have some space to explore your spirituality as well and consider workshops, classes, or learning opportunities that can deepen your knowledge. 

Gemstones: Obsidian


You tend to turn towards spiritual matters this month, investing your energy or time in reinstating practices from the past. Notice if themes of previous events tend to resurface right now and if you are confronting a similar issue for a second or even third time around. This can be a period to reflect and discover new lessons or layers within a situation. Focus on routine spiritual practices and tend to the altar of your inner being. Make room for regular spiritual practices, meditation, and mindfulness as feels right for you. Seek peace when possible right now. 

Gemstones: Rose Quartz


You can anticipate renewed energy in your connections this month. While there will tend to be many moving pieces, you will still be able to manage everything with ease. Find your peace within it, and even as things seem busy for you, there can be little moments of awareness and presence that can be cultivated right now. Consider a regular spiritual practice that allows you to clear your mind and connect to your breath. Bring yourself back to your center when necessary and invite balance and ease into your emotional state. 

Gemstones: Howlite


Find that you tend to get swept up in creative, inspirational, and artistic endeavors this month deeply moved towards wanderlust and awe. This can be a time to explore your inner vision and intuition, especially nearing the New Moon on the 20th. Notice that there is a quiet spaciousness with potential moments of solitude that will nourish and revive your spirit. Explore self-love and care while engaging in activities that allow your mind to wander in the realms of the imaginative, spiritual, or multi-dimensional. 

Gemstones: African Turquoise


Your tendency this month will be to prioritize creating beautiful and meaningful experiences for yourself. The energy helps you slow down and drink in each delicious moment fully. This contributes to a thriving mindfulness practice as well, which can be deeply nourishing to you spiritually. In addition, your discernment will tend to be very acute right now, which helps you make logical, yet instinctual choices for yourself toward positive ends. By the end of the month, you can be more invested in your pleasure, and sensuality, and delving into the experiential sides of life. 

Gemstone: Ruby


You let yourself go to some pretty dreamy places this month, finding awe-inspiring moments within your everyday experiences. This is a time to slow down and gently invite the sublime into your life. Delightful spiritual practices and sweet moments of beauty, calm, and peace punctuate your activities right now. You can be fully engaged and in the present moment which brings out the richness of what you are partaking in and co-creating. It will be spiritually nourishing this month to take space to daydream, meditate, and take things intentionally moment by moment.