The Collective Magazine was created to support your home meditation practice.

At Mala Collective we’ve been providing tools and practices to help you in your mindfulness journey since 2011. This magazine is a manifestation of the content we’ve been creating since we started. Our intention with this platform is to inspire you to take a moment of stillness for yourself.

When designing this, we were mindful to create a space that aligned with our values:

To Inspire




Since starting Mala Collective, we’ve carried these with us through everything we’ve done. The brand was born out of a chance meeting on an airplane between Bali and Thailand. That sense of adventure and serendipity has inspired us on our journey. We deeply trust in the universe, and love being led by our own curiosity.

We’ve since ventured to India, Bali and Nepal to work with artisans in creating beautiful and traditional pieces — from our mala beads to meditation cushions. These items are meant to help you slow down, and connect to yourself through breath.

We hope this magazine helps support that same intention.

Take your time exploring our guided audio meditations, free videos, horoscopes and long form articles. Keep coming back at your own pace as we’ll be updating new content regularly.

Our vision is to inspire more people to meditate and live a mindful life. We hope this new online magazine inspires you to do just that.





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