Who we are

We've experienced many benefits of mindfulness and meditation in our own lives, and we want to share these with you. We want to help you connect to yourself through breath, space, and time. We’ve travelled the world, tried different forms of meditation, and designed products to support you on your own journey.

What we believe in

We believe in helping everyone find their own version of mindfulness. One that suits their day, their lives, and their personalities. There is not a one size fits all solution with mindfulness. We don’t believe in the right and wrong versions of meditation. Instead, we’re here to help you discover what mindfulness means to you — through beautiful products, traditional tools, and ancient practices that have been used for centuries.

Our products

Every piece is made with the intention to support your meditation practice — while being beautiful, authentic, and steeped in tradition. We honour beauty in our design process as we want you to be proud to leave these items out in your home — inspiring you to deepen your practice. Rooted in history and traditions from Buddhism and Hinduism, we deeply respect these teachings, and are proud to share them with you. Our pieces are made using natural materials. Our crystals and gemstones are natural and authentic from Mother Earth, always undyed. Our meditation cushions are made using natural materials such as recycled cotton. Our first and favorite cushion collection — our chindi meditation cushions — honor traditional chindi rugs from India by using end of life fabrics that are recycled, dyed, and repurposed into these beautiful cushions. We work across Asia to create these offerings — from Nepal, to China to India to Bali. While you only require your breath to experience the benefits of meditation, our pieces are meant to act as a reminder of your own practice. We hope they inspire your mindfulness journey.

Our story

Mala Collective was born out of a serendipitous meeting on an airplane. On a soul searching journey, our founder Ashley ended up in Bali — as many people do! There she fell in love with Mala Beads. How they helped to count each breath in meditation, how they held focus when the mind wanders, and how each crystal and gemstone carries a different intention deeply touched Ashley. While on the plane from Bali to Thailand, she sat beside the woman who made these beads. There, at 33,000 feet, Mala Collective was born. Since our launch in 2011, we have see how these mala beads have helped the mindfulness journey of so many. And began to explore other tools to support, such as meditation cushions, crystals and guided meditations.

History and traditions

Meditation has impacted so many lives, including our own. And we are honored to share some insights with you into this world. Meditation can take many different forms, from movement meditation, to mindfulness, to Zen. There is loving kindness, japa meditation, transcendental and even mantra meditation. The history of meditation cannot be traced back to one place, culture or religion as it spans many. For example, our mala beads are rooted in Buddhism and Hinduism, but are not limited to those two religions. This string of beads used to practice mindfulness, chant, and hold focus in meditation and prayer also crosses into Catholicism, Judaism, Sikhism, and Jainism. Meditation cushions — also called Zafus — have traditional root in Zen Buddhism, helping to raise the hips, helping bring ease and stability to sitting meditation. Most meditation practices encourage you to sit with a straight spine — helping you to stay alert, energized, and allow a greater flow of energy between your chakras (energy points in the body). We are continually learning, growing and evolving on our own journeys, and we are honored to share with you along the way.