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We are dedicated to supporting ambassadors of unique and beautiful content.

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How it works

01. Complete An Application

Start here. Introduce your vision, or explain why what you do or sell is superior to your competitors.

02. Promote Mala Collective On Your Social Platforms

Get into your process a bit. The quality of handiwork, proprietary knowledge, or materials that you use that make your products better.

03. Build Your Community

End it with an action item that the user can take advantage of. Link to a more in-depth page, or go straight to a collection. Your call.


Be first to know about promotions and launches + VIP Access. Get behind the scenes access to photoshoots, events, and more. Plus exclusive discounts, complimentary products, and a chance to earn commission.

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In order for your application to be considered, you must have a public account across all platforms. You'll get an email in about 2 weeks if you've been accepted!