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Our Story: who we are


When we first started Mala Collective in a small remodelled garage studio, we were looking to learn more about meditation and mindfulness. We had just returned from a 6 month trip around the world. That journey took us to many beautiful places — one of them being Bali. There, we were introduced to mindfulness and meditation practices we had never seen. It’s also where we fell in love with mala beads.

Starting Mala Collective was our way to share what we learned, in a way that was accessible and fun. It grew organically. We wrote posts about mantras. About how to meditate with mala beads. About intentions. How to sit in a practice.



We’re so proud to support female artisans in Bali, who handmade each one of our mala beads. Using rudraksha seeds and authentic gemtsones, each piece is made with love.


Rudrakshas are little seeds that grow inside what looks like a blueberry on large, beautiful trees in Indonesia and India (along with other areas in the Himalayas). We use 5 Mukhi rudraksha, which represents Lord Shiva. It's believe that upon emerging from a meditation — where Shiva meditated on the wellness of the world —  tears of joy were shed, which created the trees.

Our gemstones are all authentic — they are not dyed or treated. The stones, which come from Mother Earth, all represent different healing qualities. Rose Quartz is believed to inspire love. Lava promotes strength. And Amazonite helps one to connect to their inner power and follow their dreams.



Our beads are handled daily by our loving family.


The Balinese are experts with their hands. Each morning they present an offering, which consists of flowers, incense, and a tiny woven basket. Tying and knotting, carving, and creating is a proud skill on the island.

They string the jewelry by hand, combining rudrakshas with gemstones,while laughing, talking amongst themselves, and embodying the positive energy of the pieces.





The jobs we provide helps artisans provide for their families, gives them the ability to work from home with their children, and also empowers them in their mission to spread peace. Our silver jewelry is made with the same love and care by the same artisans.

The task of spreading peace throughout the world is not something they take lightly. They're proud to be lifting people up, connecting them with mantras, and spreading mindfulness and meditation.



Our offering candles are another a true reflection of Bali. Each piece is either hand-hammered or painted, and always hand poured in Bali. Our artisans work with forest honey hunters to support sustainable bee keeping.

Another of our favorite pieces to wear in meditation is our blanket shawls. Made in India by a team that believes in sustainability, their creation provides numerous jobs in a facility that gives back to the environment by recycling water — a forward thinking program in India.



And finally, before our malas leave the beautiful Island of the Gods, they are cleansed and blessed in a ceremony. This is to ensure they are full of love and light before they connect with their new owner. We're so proud to work with local artisans in creating our beautiful mala beads in Bali. Each and every mala necklace is hand knotted with love and then blessed by a priest before leaving the island.

With gratitude we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our small business, the lives of the artisans you change in Indonesia and India, and also for supporting yourself by bringing  mindfulness into your life.