Begin Again


This year we’re embracing the beginner’s mind. We’re releasing what we think we know to make space for the unknown. With open hearts and open minds we’re welcoming possibility. This fresh new beginning will ease us into a year of opportunity.

Together, we’re inhaling the present and exhaling the past.

Overstuffed Woven Meditation Cushions - 4 styles 

Our meditation cushions have been designed to support your mindful journey at home. Handmade in India, the cushions are the perfect height to support your hips and knees while sitting in silence.

We use the round cushions to elevate our hips, while the floor cushion supports our knees and ankles, helping prevent our legs from falling asleep in practice so we can sit in bliss with less distractions.

Using sustainable materials and elegant design, you can keep these cushions out in your living room, acting as a visible reminder to take a moment to connect with yourself.

NEW Crystal Sets & Crystal Orb

These crystals are meant to inspire your meditation practice. We like to use them to set intentions, clear spaces, and encourage grounding. We place them around our home, and carry them with us for wellbeing. We hope they inspire you to live with intention and embrace a practice of mindfulness.

Howlite: Howlite is often worn as a reminder of patience. The marbled stone is associated with inner calm, stress release, and calming an over active mind.

Quartz Crystal: Quartz is one of the most common stones on Earth. It's associated with relieving stress and anxiety, while calming a hyperactive mind. Quartz is also said to disperse fear and lift depression and negativity, while encouraging positive thought and action.

Selenite: These crystal wands are often used for clearing a space and providing healing. They are also believed to bring protection and good luck. Selenite is also associated with clearing and opening the crown chakra, and is often used in spiritual work.

Begin Again Mala Necklace and Mala Bracelet 

Wear these Malas as a reminder to Begin Again.


White Jade: The Jade stone is traditionally one of luck. It’s believed to protect from evil, attract love, and bring good fortune. It’s also known as a stone of purity, and is associated with lightness and nourishment.

Silver: The element acts as a reminder for self observation and self love.