Tucked away in the lush green jungle, and along the best surf breaks in Asia, our family is lovingly making authentic rudraksha mala beads — full of heart and intention.

The task of spreading the ideals of peace throughout the world is not something they take lightly. They're proud to be lifting people up, connecting them with mantras, meditation, and grounding.

The harvesting

Our creation process starts with Mother Earth herself. Our rudrakshas are sustainably harvested from the rudraksha tree — all of which have been planted with the intention of spreading peace.

The rudraksha tree itself is believed to represent Lord Shiva. It's believe that upon emerging from a meditation — where Shiva meditated on the wellness of the world —  tears of joy were shed, which created the trees.

The direction in which our rudraksha seeds grow on the tree (inside what looks like a blueberry) is the same direction they are drilled and strung,  which is believed to keep the prana and energy inside each piece.

Handmade 108 Rudraksha Mala Beads AuthenticOur family (the team)

Our beads are handled daily by our loving family.

They string the jewelry by hand, combining rudrakshas with gemstones that carry strong intentions, while laughing, talking amongst themselves, and embodying the positive energy of the pieces.

Then, the pieces are handed out in the village to be knotted from home.

The Balinese are experts with their hands. Each morning they present an offering, which consists of flowers, incense, and a tiny woven basket. Tying and knotting, carving, and creating is a proud skill on the island.

By including more people in the process, it's helping to give people jobs that are sustainable, help the planet, and help human kind.

Cleansing and blessing

And finally, before they leave the beautiful island of Bali, they are cleansed and blessed in a ceremony. This is to ensure they are full of love and light before they connect with their new owner.

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