Here are the Top FAQ's:

Q: My mala broke. Do you do repairs?
A. We're so sorry to hear that your mala broke! When a mala breaks, it's believed you no longer need the intentions in that particular piece. We believe in restringing your mala to help you release the intention at your own time. Mala Collective is happy to repair your mala at no cost to you. We only ask that you send the item back to us pay the shipping costs that you can purchase here

I haven't received my order yet. When will it arrive?
A: Waiting for your mala to arrive can be hard - we understand! Most of the time, if orders are going outside of Canada there can be delays in Customs. Please use your tracking number to review your order status with the post, as Canada Post/USPS will have the most up to date information.

Q: Can you customize certain pieces or are you able to create custom malas? 
A: Unfortunately, at this time, we are not offering any customization services nor are we able to make custom malas. If you are a wholesaler, please contact your wholesale rep as we may be able to do something for you if a certain quantity is ordered. 

Q: I just received my purchase but it doesn't feel right. Am I able to return or exchange it?
A: Yes you are able return and/or exchange items but our policy varies depending on the product. Please read about our return/exchange policy here.

Q: You're a Canadian Company, why do you sell in USD?
A: That's a great question! Although we are Canadian, all of our goods are purchased from our family in Bali in USD.

Q: I want to purchase this mala but it is "Sold Out" or on "Pre-Order." Will you be getting more?
A: When an item is "Sold Out" or on "Pre-order" it means we have placed an order to Bali for more. Please allow five weeks for these items to arrive back in stock.  

Q: I paid for faster shipping but my order arrived after the estimated time. Can I get my money back?
A: We do not refund shipping charges. These times are provided by Canada Post and we are not responsible for items arriving after that time frame. If this is a rush order, please give us a call before or after placing your order and we can can try to help! We believe your piece will arrive right when it's suppose to. 

Q: I want to purchase a bracelet, but where can I find out what size I would be?
A: All of the bracelet sizes are to the right under "specifications." The best way to determine your size is to measure a string to your desired length and tie it around your wrist. Keeping in mind it needs to slide over the largest part of your hand. All bracelets are elastic and each can vary in size as every piece is handmade. 

Q: I entered the wrong information on my order. How can I change this?
A: If your order has not been shipped yet, please fill out the form on the right as soon as possible. If your order has already been sent, we will have wait for it to be returned to us before we can re-ship it out. Once we receive it back in our office, we will re-send it again. We regret adding in that you may have to pay to have it re-shipped if it was your error.

Q: I want to sell your products! How can I become a Wholesaler?
A: Please send an email to:
Please allow up to two business days for a response.

If you still have further questions, please fill out the simple contact form on the right, which will land directly in our inbox.

Phone: 1-888-656-2228

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