Creating space at home

Home meditation space

Having a home meditation space is a great way to stay inspired to take a moment for yourself. We all know the saying, 'Out of sight out of mind.' Visual reminders can be a powerful motivator.

And as it's in our home, we want it to reflect who we are.

A meditation space can be whatever you want it to be. It can start small, and grow as you do in your own personal journey.

Here are a few things you can put into your meditation space:

- Meditation Cushions (For sitting on during your practice.)

- Mala Beads ( To either practice with, or have as a reminder of your intention)

- Something to keep you warm (meditation shawl)

- Something green and living (a plant)

- Crystals or sage (to clear the energy in the space)

- A candle (If you practice flame meditation)

- Singing Bowl, bell or symbols for sound (this helps you clear the energy in the space, and also helps cleanse your Mala)

- Affirmation or mantra (To act as a reminder of your intention)

- Buddha or other Dieties (A wooden Buddha, statue of a goddess or deity you look up to)

- Journal (this helps post practice to reflect and close after a sit)

- Timer (if using your Mala beads in your practice, this acts as a natural timer as you go around 108 times. If you use a phone to set a time, turn it to silent and have a gentle sound to signify the practice is over)

How to choose your meditation cushion


For open hips and soft support.

We recommend Woven style and Metalisse style


For regular hips and medium support.

We recommend Chindi Styles


For tight hips and firm support.

We recommend Jute and White Overstuffed Styles

Remember — this is a completely personal experience. The area is meant to bring calm and inspire you to connect with yourself. Have fun with it!

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