Meditations to start your practice

5 Guided meditations

Listen to our 5 part guided audio meditations to help you start or deepen your mindfulness practice. Our meditations are 8 - 10 minutes long and are recorded by some of our favourite meditation teachers around the world.

1) Taking Your Seat

Close your eyes, take a seat and embrace your moment of silence. During this meditation, we will be discussing the foundational elements of meditation practice - mainly the physical posture we take and the quality of intention in which we approach our practice.

2) Working With Breath

Inhale the future. Exhale the past. During this meditation, we will add in a further technique using the breath we take as a point of focus.

3) Working With Sensation

Get ready to connect to yourself as we dive deeper into the physical body and learn how to work with physical sensation within the practice.

4) Working With Mantra

Let go of your busy and distractive thoughts as we will explore a very powerful technique which is the use of "mantra" to focus the mind. This practice is thought to be both purifying and protective in nature.

5) Maintaining Your Practice

Breathe deeply as we come to the end of this series to discuss some of the classical aims of meditation as well as the common pitfalls in regards to maintaining a regular meditation practice.

Find more tools like meditation cushions, Mala Beads and Crystals, to deepen your practice.

Meditation Cushions

Our meditation cushions have been designed to support your mindful journey at home. Handmade in India the cushions are the perfect height to support your hips and knees while sitting in silence. Created with a beautiful design, the cushions are something you can keep out in your living room, acting as a visible reminder to take a moment to connect with yourself.