The astrology of this summer promises us more fire and passion than we might be expecting. A glowing ember is ignited and a fierce heat is released form us as a collective, especially in those who are more typically sensitive, introverted, or shy. Quiet strength turns into action and appears in the voices and visuals of creatives, musicians, actors, and those unwilling to compromise on truth. By recognizing that we are a brilliant extension of the beauty, power, and life-sustaining force of the Sun we can walk in tandem with the celestial energy of the summer 2020 season.

Aries Gemstone: Turquoise


This summer contains immense potential for you to use your strength and find your personal power. A strong planetary alignment helps you discover what you find sacred and puts an emphasis on what truly lights your inner fire. Life, relationships with friends, family, and partners will feel intensely meaningful to you this summer, giving you an opportunity to build from a place of depth and authenticity. Due to the fiery elemental influences on your sign all summer long it may be wise to channel your emotions, spiritual energy, and self into meditation practices that involve action in some way. This could include walking meditations, breath-work and yoga, ecstatic dance, or mystical forms of soul travel.

Taurus Gemstone: Labradorite


The collective energy present this summer has a great impact on your very soul as you feel the waves that ripple through the universe you are gifted with being able to hold space for these energies. The current sky indicates a lot of grounding work will be done by you as you pull in scattered energies and bring a sense of order to chaos. There is a building force operating in your life that will allow you to fully appreciate the physical experiences of existence. June will be an especially potent time for your zodiac sign. During this time you are fueled by intense creative passion and an increased earthy power. Consider focusing this energy on one particular task, project, or practice to fully see something through to the end of this season.

Gemini Gemstone: Rose Quartz


Your physical body takes priority this summer and all things wellness related will be an essential part of your routines and schedules. There will be time to develop new self-care routines, especially related to self-worth and self-love. Time to luxuriate in yourself while defining what it is you truly desire is a blessing of the planetary transits taking place to your sign, particularly from July through the beginning of August. Working with the belly, personal power, or solar plexus chakra are themes all summer long. Providing your body, mind, and soul with nourishment will allow you to connect to a sense of empowerment— generated from the deepest spaces within.

Cancer Gemstone: Amazonite


The summer season feels like a time of immense potential and awakening. The end of June will be particularly potent energy allowing you to the sow the seeds of your future. Generating emotions that match what you desire and think about will have lasting effects. Mindfulness practices are infused with beauty, peace, and an inner sense of calm, especially when you align with the elements of earth and water. Spending time near or around water is pure healing for your soul. The current planetary energy sparks a passion for music, lyrics, and sound this summer. Consistent beats, drumming, and chanting helps you stay connected to your creative center and mindfully project it into the world and love into your relationships.

Leo Gemstone: Howlite


Your sign gets to experience revitalized energy this summer that provides both physical and spiritual horizons to open up. Something deep is unfolding but also light, humorous, and witty. You are able to hold a space in-between two worlds, fully acting out what others need to see right now. There is a poetic vibrancy to your words all summer long, especially near the end of August when the Sun enters your sign. This is a great time of year for you to explore your personal talents, gifts, and creative abilities. Discover what makes you proud and mindfully embody that energy. When you are truly being yourself, without the masks, people are drawn towards your fiery magic and spirit.

Virgo Gemstone: Sesame Jasper


The summer season helps you heal from heartbreak or a recent loss. As you step through what feels like a shadow, you are able to find people to support and lean on in your time of need. In turn, you will come out the other side wiser, more in tune with what is, and a more complete version of who you really are. Seek out people who are nurturing and encouraging of you being you! June is an especially sensitive time and it is possible to move these emotions into creative works, research, study, dream analysis or psychology. You recognize patterns and the flow of what is around you, there is a blending, mixing, and fluidity asking you to play.

Libra Gemstone: Bloodstone


A perfect symphony is playing in the background of your life that lends to precise decision making and an acute sense of this moment in time. Emotional waves swirl around you which deepens your connection to the natural world this season, especially felt during June and July. Some major life events are likely this summer, that will have an impact for years to come. This can involve many areas of life; parenthood, housing, family, career, and long term relationships. Something is brewing and you are stepping into the life you want for yourself. Because there is so much pressure in the present sky in relation to your sign all summer long, it is a great idea to balance this out with different forms of mindful relaxation and rejuvenation.

Saggitarius Gemstone: Apatite


You are being cradled by the planetary energies of the universe as a fiery embrace of energies ignites new experiences of being. Camping, stargazing, and connecting with the night sky could be potentially profound moments of meaning for you this summer season. Your broad perspective is fine tuned to integrate perfectly into the microcosmic aspects of your life. Balance is able to be found through an inner sense of peace and silence. Meditate on the wisdom of the infinite as you raise your own energy in perfect harmony with the world around you. You are able to perfectly tame your inner wild fire and perform with perfection.

Scorpio Gemstone: Moonstone


A very natural way of living is speaking to your soul this summer season. The cycles of the seasons, the pursuit of what you love, and all things earthy feel right to you at this time. Very harmonious energy is gifted to you, especially during June and July of this year. You have a longing for something beyond self, a transcendental call of some kind. Whatever the longing is, something stirs this season that allows you to more freely follow your bliss. Some boundaries will loosen providing you with an inner and outer feeling of freedom. Carve out time to align with the cycles of the Sun this summer, practicing mindfulness while sitting in quiet contemplation with the sunrise when you have the time.

Capricorn Gemstone:
Smokey Quartz


Deep discussions about what it means to rebuild or restructure are taking place in your life during this summer season. You might be re-working something either on an internal or on a physical level. June and July in particular will be heightened psychically for you, grounding this energy will be very helpful to make this time more useful to your everyday experiences. It might feel like you need to fight, tear-down, or stand face to face with some of your shadows this summer. There will be moments when inner-strength is practical, needed, and necessary as you construct your own set of spiritual tools in a way. Short daily meditations that focus on your body, mind connection are highly recommended for your sign all summer long.

Aquarius Gemstone: Quartz Crystal


A major breakthrough is invited in this summer and places you in alignment with the cunning energy of what is hidden. Like a butterfly, there is a unique brightness and color pattern to your entire sense of self. As you view life through your own lens, a leap of faith is often required on your path, as you step towards what you need. The many moments of clarity will come in waves, especially reaching a peak at the end of July and through August. During this time fully commit to the paradox you frequently embody. There is so much beauty and potential in what you have to share and offer. The people who appreciate you most will find you as you generate the courage to stand out from the crowd.

Pisces Gemstone: Rhodonite


Like the spirit of a bird you are finding your wings and preparing for a journey of soul and life evolution this summer. There is a gentleness to your energy at this time that finds a spiritual home in your daily practices, routines, and creative outlets. Glittering, dreaming, and the eternal sustaining energy of water speaks to the very core of your being. The end of June through the middle of July is the most potent time for you to journey into the collective and back again. You will return with exactly what is needed at this moment in time. Consider incorporating into your meditation practice a focus on the alignment of your spine, mind, and nervous system.

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