Giving Back

Spreading mindfulness by
giving back

We believe in spreading the love of mindfulness and meditation through giving back. That’s why we’ve created the Karmic UpCycle program. When a mala breaks it’s believed the intention attached to that piece is no longer needed — it signifies a time for reflection, prompting the question “what do I need in this moment.” Donate your old or broken malas in exchange for a credit to set a new intention.

How it works?

All items returned to us will be donated to a local women’s shelter, where the pieces will be used in mindfulness and meditation workshops. For example, the beads will be restrung for the woman to wear and remind them of their new intentions. They will also use the beads to learn the benefits and healing of japa meditation.

Our first partner in this initiative is Vancouver Women’s Health Collective, a non-profit organization helping self-identified women foster health, wellness and equity through feminist approaches to advocacy, shared knowledge and low-barrier programs and services. If you know of an organization that could benefit from this program, please contact us.

Ready to donate?

Reach out to us at

and we will help you return your pieces.  We will credit Mala Collective mala beads at a higher dollar amount as we only use real gemstones and crystals. Many malas and bracelets are not made with real gemstones, but instead use plastic and dyed glass. As we cannot ensure they are real gemstones, malas sent to us from other companies will be accepted for a lower credit amount.

A little Karma goes a long way

For all Mala Collective Malas returned you will receive a

$30 credit

For all Mala Collective bracelets returned you will receive a

$15 credit

For all other Malas returned you will receive a

$15 credit

For all other bracelets returned you will receive a

$8 credit


1. Take a picture
2. Email us at
3. Ship your item back (don't worry, we'll make it easy and send you a shipping label)
4. When we get it we will email you a credit
5. Pick out a new piece to love!


Receive 15% off your first order + free meditations

Thank you!