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Meditation cushions for Kids

We want to get kids meditating. So we designed a collection for busy minds and busy bodies. The pieces are here to help kids manage their emotions — teaching them to breathe through what they’re feeling. We hope these pieces inspire calm, focus, grounding, playfulness and self love.

Meditation Cushions Designed For Kids

Our mission at Mala Collective has always been to inspire mindful evolution. We aim to share mindfulness with the world through tools, practices and physical reminders, and we are now taking this method and sharing it with the younger generation. Why? We believe in the power of meditation and its incredible ability to create positive change in all – including our kids and all future generations.

Benefits of meditation for Kids

to focus

Focusing on one thing at a time

Reduces Anxiety & Stress

Helps them find their breath


Less meltdowns & reduces their impulsivity

for kids

calming a busy mind and busy body

teaching kids to meditate

Learn how to introduce meditation to your kids