Mala Beads

Mala Beads from Bali - Mala Collective

We love wearing our mala beads for so many reasons.

We love that the jewelry is for those seeking a calmer mind, body, and spirit. And that it promotes peace and well being.

We enjoy the connection we have with the gemstones, and watching others find their perfect match. Whether it’s a need for strength (lava) or a desire to open your heart to love (rose quartz).

Our mala beads are made of rudraksha beads and are hand knotted between each bead. Perfect for japa meditation. 

We appreciate that our mala beads are handmade by professional mala makers in Bali. And that they drill the beads in the same direction in which they grow on the trees, which is also how they’re strung. It’s an important aspect as it’s believed to keep the prana — the energy, or life force — in each bead.

We respect the century-long history of rudraksha mala beads being worn by Hindus and Buddhits in religious practices.

One of the best parts — we feel great knowing our jewelry is sustainably harvested, fairly traded, and ethically produced. And that buying our mala beads helps those in need.

Here’s a few more points about our rudraksha bead malas:

— All of our malas are made to specific spiritual numbers: 108/72/54.

(108 is a significant number for many reasons. Some associate the possibility of enlightenment with taking only 108 breaths a day while in deep meditation. Others connect the number’s significance to the heart chakra, as there is said to be 108 energy lines leading to it, one of which is believed to be the path to self realization.)

— In our gold work, we use top quality 22 karat gold.

— For silver we use highest quality 92.5% sterling.

— We like to wash our rudraksha mala jewelry with warm water and soap to remove the dirt and dust. You can even oil them with coconut or sandalwood oil to preserve them.

— Rudraksha bead malas turn darker with your body oils, which is the desired effect.

— Make sure to take the rudraksha bead jewelry off when you sleep. Sleeping on your beads can exert stress on the thread. It’s also to avoid negative energies/activities passing through the beads that may come up in your sleep.