What's your intention for 2020?

Take a moment to reflect. Take a few deep inhales and exhales. Right now, in this moment. Just breathe. Deeply and fully. With long, sighing exhales.

Now, reflect on what intention you want to bring into this new year.

Is it abundance? Love? Strength? Grounding?

Close your eyes for a few moments to reflect.

Whatever word comes to you, let it come. Don’t force it and don’t judge it.

Once you have your word — your intention for the new year — write it down! Keep it with you! Post it on your computer at work, your fridge, or even make it your phone background.

The items below have been handpicked to help support you with your intention for the year.

Each gemstone is associated to a different quality and intention — to remind you throughout the day of your goals for the new year.

Place the crystals around your home. Meditate with your new mala beads. And place your cushion our in an open space to help remind you to take a few moments to sit in silence everyday.

This will help bring you closer to your intention.


Wear these pieces to manifest love. From rose quartz to rhodonite, we wear these malas to inspire an open heart. For relationship love, friendship, family or self love. Mindfully open the heart chakra with these malas.


Embrace an abundant mindset — let go of scarcity. These pieces are meant to inspire an abundant life. Wear these malas or place these crystals and cushions around your home to remind you of your intention. Whether that's monetary abundance, or an abundance of love, time, or laughter. What area of life are you manifesting abundance in right now?


Patience is a skill we can all manifest. Embrace your inner calm. Deeply inhale and exhale. Wear these malas with the intention to calm your overactive mind and embrace an attitude of patience and serenity.

Inner Peace

Wear these pieces as a reminder of peace and tranquility. Amethyst can be turned to as a physical manifestation of strengthening one's spiritual power. Tibetans consider Amethyst sacred to the Buddha, and use the stone to make prayer beads.


Wear these pieces as a reminder to trust your intuition. Honor your higher self by following the inner voice that knows best. White Moonstone is a powerful stone that can also inspire balance and harmony in life and relationships.


Wear these pieces as a reminder to connect to your inner power and take charge of your life. Your adventurous side awaits — prepare to make memories and embrace the unknown. We designed these malas for your journey.


Wear these lava and obsidian malas as a reminder of strength. When manifesting strength physically, mentally and emotionally. They are a reminder to find strength in situations, surroundings, and self.


When looking for a reminder of grounding and balance, we turn to Smokey Quartz. The stone can be worn as a reminder to remove negativity and encourage positivity. Wear the mala beads with the intention of reconnecting to self and re-grounding in your intentions.

Health + Wellbeing

Make health and wellbeing a priority in your life with these hand selected pieces. Mindfulness and meditation has been proven to help reduce stress, improve focus, promote emotional health and enhance self awareness. Those are all great reasons to start a meditation and mindfulness practice! These tools will help support you on your mindful journey.


Take a deep breath. Root your feet down into the ground. You are fearless, You are powerful. You can do this. These stones associated with resistance and persistence helping the wearer manage and complete tasks with focus, will power, strength, confidence and discipline.