Monthly 2022 Horoscope: Fall Intentions

October is here, and it’s the perfect time to set some intentions for the coming months. This can be a time of year for both giving and receiving – a time for taking stock of what has been. Astrology for October brings deeper awareness regarding what to take with you through this season and what to leave behind.

With the planetary alignments, you will be able to observe thought patterns and self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back or making you feel inadequate. Give yourself time and space to see yourself as you are in the present moment – you are enough.

Libra Season ♎⚖️✨

Fall intentions for Libra: Embracing your passions, releasing the past, opening spiritual awareness

As you begin this month, you may feel as if you are being brought back to a starting point, a new beginning within the path you have already been one. It may seem overwhelming at first, but consider how a seeming restart can actually be an opportunity that leads you deeper into an understanding of yourself. You can open up to your passions in a new way while carrying the integrated lessons of the past with you. You can observe or record what is coming up for you while just remaining open to what is present within you. Nothing needs to be analyzed or intellectualized at this time – just felt.

Recommended Gemstone: Clear Quartz

Quartz is one of the most common stones on Earth. It's associated with relieving stress and anxiety, while calming a hyperactive mind. Quartz is also said to disperse fear and lift depression and negativity, while encouraging positive thought and action.

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Aries ♈︎

Aries Fall Intentions: Invite nurturing in, space for contemplation, be open to receiving

You will tend to see things with more clarity this month, noticing what in your life gets your attention, time, and energy. Events might feel like they are urging you to take action, but consider if a different approach would be better for you – it is a time to receive, gather, and observe. Focus on staying grounded in yourself and mindful of the present moment. Opt for practices that help you to stay centered and deepen your awareness on your path.

Recommended Gemstone: Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is called the stone of love. We use rose quartz to inspire an open heart. Whether that's relationship love, friendship, family or self love. It can been worn as a reminder to love when mending a broken heart and during anxiety.

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Taurus ♉︎

Fall Intentions for Taurus: Processing events of the past, being present, radical self-love

The month ahead will spark the beginning of profound changes but on a subtle level. The transformations that ensue might not be apparent until months down the road, but they are still happening even if they are slow and intentional. You can feel that you are ready to confront or process some areas of your experiences a little more head-on. This can be a time to invest in deep nourishing self-love, self-compassion, and self-care. Keep your needs in mind as you embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Recommended Gemstone: Sunstone

The peach stone is a powerful reminder of joy and positivity. The stone is associated with the warmth, strength and the openness of the sun. It’s believed to help remove negativity and promote happiness.

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Gemini ♊︎

Fall intentions for Gemini: Having purposeful relationships, implementing creative wellness routines, cultivating discernment

You will have the opportunity this month to experience emotional generosity in your relationships. Explore the feelings that are present in your interpersonal connections and share in the abundant energy that is possible. There can also be a lot of activity that is going on in your life right now, therefore, consider what you can do in between all of the action in order for your needs and boundaries to be honored. Discern what is best for you as well as what areas of life should get your attention moving forward.

Recommended Gemstone: Smokey Quartz

The grey stone is known as a grounding stone. It can be worn as a reminder to remove negativity and encourage positivity. Smokey Quartz is mined in Brazil.

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Cancer ♋︎

Fall intentions for Cancer: Intentional time spent with others, processing deep emotions, deep contemplation

This month can bring you into the depths of your soul and being, it will be a time to reflect, see, and feel what is lying beneath the surface. Allow yourself a lot of room to feel your feelings and ensure that you have the support and things that you need. You can explore different facets of your experiences and really get into the nitty-gritty of the emotional dimensions of yourself. In addition, focus on spending quality time with the people who know you best and creating a cozy network of support.

Recommended Gemstone: Moonstone

Moonstone is a reminder to trust our intuition. Wearing the white stone can inspire balance and harmony in life and relationships.

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Leo ♌︎

Your tendency this month is to feel the benevolent energy of the universe, with themes of abundance, success, and fulfillment all around you. Find that you are learning to trust your inner voice bringing you into a flowing alignment with your deep self. There can be clarity around projects or things you have been working on. Put some attention towards figuring out how to apply your skills and abilities, bringing things to fruition that are ripe and ready for you to take action on. Beautiful results will follow.

Recommended Gemstone: Amethyst

Amethyst is worn as a reminder of peace and tranquility. The purple stone can be turned to as a physical manifestation of strengthening one's spiritual power. Tibetans consider amethyst sacred to the Buddha, and use the stone to make prayer beads. Amethyst is mined in Brazil.

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Virgo ♍︎

Fall intentions for Virgo: Harmonious friendships, going with the flow, expressing your creativity

Your discerning eye can be just the attribute to bring into this month as you cull, declutter, and clear out the spaces in your life. Be inspired to take things into your own hands as you invest in creating the life that you want. You can feel a deeper alignment to your own sense of being and more direction around what you need to make yourself feel nourished from deep within. Explore spiritual practices that resonate with you and find that sharing these experiences with others can open doors and inspire personal growth as new dimensions of yourself are explored.

Recommended Gemstone: Aventurine

The stone is associated with protecting, activating and clearing the throat chakra. Green Aventurine is also thought to be a stone of comfort and balance.

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Scorpio ♏︎

Fall intentions for Scorpio: Intentional new beginnings, realizing connections, seeing patterns

It's as if you can see past the veil this month, peering into the unseen and experiencing life at the level beneath the surface. Remain centered and present, practicing mindfulness and meditation as a part of your regular routines. When emotions come up, let them pass through you, understand them and observe what they mean to you. This is a time in which you can recognize how things in your life fit together, the patterns will become apparent and growth is possible as a result. The seeds of a new cycle for you will be planted at this time.  

Recommended Gemstone: Labradorite

Labradorite is often turned to for guidance and knowledge. Often called the stone of magic, it is a physical reminder of life's serendipity & synchronicity. The grey stone, with flecks of blue and black, is strongly associated with the journey of self discovery.

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Sagittarius ♐︎

Fall intentions for Sagittarius: Spiritual explorations, practical wellness, planning 

Your month is a generous mix of practical matters and spiritual discoveries, with you intuiting a way to merge these things together. Be open to important insights arising right now that reveal sides of your story you have been previously unaware of. This can mean you will need more time to yourself to contemplate and consider what your feelings are around certain life goals, spiritual practices, relationships, and more. Journey with your imagination as you dream and meditate on practical solutions for future endeavors.

Recommended Gemstone: Jasper

Ocean Jasper is known as a mystic stone. It’s often turned to for spiritual wisdom and gaining insight into one’s past lives. It’s also used to communicate with love and kindness.

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Capricorn ♑

Fall intentions for Capricorn: Understanding personal strengths, developing confidence, consistent grounding practices

You can feel that you are floating off a bit more this month, with increased spiritual energy and sensitivity being abundant in your life at this time. Explore ways to keep yourself centered and maintain a regular practice of mindfulness. Carve out space to see yourself for who you are and feel into your personal gifts, skills, and talents. While right now, you tend to be working through things on your own, this time can spiritually strengthen you for opportunities of service to others down the road.

Recommended Gemstone: Obsdian

Obsidian features flecks of natural gold coloring in the stone. Obsidian is worn a reminder to dispel negativity. Wearing the stone can inspire balance and help one feel more grounded, fearless and confident.  

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Aquarius ♒

Fall intentions for Aquarius: Integrating spiritual wisdom, understanding lessons, expressing emotions.

Your heart is open this Fall season and ready to express some deep truths, spiritual wisdom, and understanding. Let your awareness and presence be centered in your daily approach to life. You’ve got many things you might be considering at this time – decisions that need to be made. Try to gather information and investigate details before proceeding in any one direction. Be aware of what is already present within you and see the gem that is at the center of your soul. This will help guide your way.

Recommended Gemstone: Garnet

Garnet is worn as a reminder of the divine feminine. Many associate the deep red stone with vigor and vitality. For some, it carries the intention of being a sexual stimulant.

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