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welcome to our wholesale family

We’re excited to work with you on spreading mindfulness and meditation to your community! Our mala beads, meditation cushions and crystals kits are all handmade with love, using authentic and traditional practices that are meant to inspire a life lived with intention.


Learn more about what it means to work with us

Why partner with us?

We want to align with those who share our vision, mission and values to inspire mindfulness and meditation. We do that with beautiful, authentic, handmade products. Our mala beads are hand-knotted using authentic crystals and gemstones from the Earth.

Our meditation cushions use only natural materials, such as 100% recycled cotton, to create comfortable and functional tools for your home practice. While our crystals are sourced from around the world, working with a gemologist to ensure only the highest quality and crystals are used.

Retail space

We want your retail space to be both functional and beautiful. Education is important to us, which is why we empower you with informative materials so your customers feel empowered in their buying journey. We also want your space to look great! Read more about the display we provide, below.

Merchindese / Display

As a wholesale partner, you’ll receive a beautiful and education set up to educate your community about our products. This includes a stand, crystal information and mala collective branding. Each mala and bracelet comes with a small baggie, along with a gemstone card, and customized hangtag.

"Everyone in our office loved the crystals!" - The Class by Taryn Toomey

"Just got my lovely mediation cushion and adventure crystal set and everything looks so beautiful in my new appartment." - Well + Good