This is our theme for this Valentine's day. It does not matter if you intend to love yourself more and remind yourself of these intentions with our crystals sets; or if you wish to support your loved one's mindfulness journey with one of our Malas. Here you will find everything you need for this Valentine's.



NEW - With Love Mala Beads

This mala is a reminder to do all things with love. To do the big things and little things with gratitude and appreciation. With an open heart to those around us — and just as important — a kind heart to ourselves. We hope this inspires you to embrace the spirit of love and kindness in each moment.

Rose Quartz CRYSTALS

Rose Quartz is called the stone of love. We use rose quartz to inspire an open heart. Whether that's relationship love, friendship, family or self love. It can been worn as a reminder to love when mending a broken heart and during anxiety.


I Am Worthy. I am deserving of all that I receive. I am open to the flow of love, abundance, kindness, adventure and opportunity. My heart is full knowing that I am worthy of all that enters my life.


"Mala Collective has for many years been my go-to mala provider for any store/studio I buy for. I've also had the pleasure of co-creating unique and beautiful co-branded pieces with them. The quality is unparalleled, all hand-knotted with gorgeous tassels that don't fall apart and carefully selected stones. Each piece has the durability to be used in mantra practice and worn as adornment. I couldn't recommend them higher, they are the best at what they do.”

— Nicola G.

"I really love the design and quality of the manufacturing - each bead is knotted between and that is essential for long life. The stones are really beautiful and there is so much support and information to choose what is best to suit my needs for intention setting and self love support. As well, I do know that much attention is given to working with carefully chosen factories with integrity. I really respect the thoughtfulness that goes into the supply chain - it's not an easy thing. I know, I am an entrepreneur too!”

— Wendy

"I wear mala beads from Mala Collective pretty much every day, and I get compliments on the all the time! I find these malas are so special, so beautiful and also seem to bring me good fortune and happy karma, too. I love this company and recommend them ALL the time to people and also try to wear them on air as much as possible to promote them. Yes, you can get cheaper malas but the design of these feels really, truly special to me.“

— Dina K