The Mala Collective mission is to help deepen peoples inward spiritual journey.  We welcome and appreciate contributions from our digital community and we would love to invite you to join our team. Here is what you should know:


  • While we are primarily a meditation based community, that does not mean you are limited to that subject specifically. As long as your submission adequately provides our community with insightful commentary—be it negative or positive, so long as it is sufficiently explained—around anything remotely relative to our tribe, feel free to contribute. 
  • Original content is not required but always encouraged. If your work has been published elsewhere, please receive permission to re-publish the content on our site. Be sure to include a link to where the post originated. By submitting your article you are giving us the right to publish it on our site.
  • We don’t require a word count however depending on the subject, posts average anywhere between 300-600 words. Do it justice without overdoing it. Remember that however it flows naturally is the best way to write it, but don’t assume the reader knows exactly what you are talking about. 
  • If your writing includes something that will need an external link please include them in your submission email. We will always try first to include internal links where relevant but if there is anything outstanding that you know is needed please just include the links at the bottom of the post and let us know where they go.
  • Pictures – If you have photographs you would like to use and you own them, great! If you have photographs that you don’t own but would like to use please include a link to where you found them. Depending on the licensing of said pics we may or may not be able to include them, and if we can’t we will find something we can use.

Here’s how to submit your post:

  • Email your post to
  • Please include your working title in the subject line.
  • Please copy and paste your post into the body of the email, not as a attachment.
  • Pictures should be sent as attachments. YouTube and other videos can be as links.
  • Please include a bio and be sure to send over all of the links to social sites and websites you would like to include within.
  • Please send a headshot/personal picture as an attachment.
  • If your post has been accepted, please expect a response within 5 business days.

Thank you so much for your interest in contributing to the Mala Collective Blog. We look forward to connecting with you further and adding your voice into the mix. 

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