The Beginner's Mind Online Course

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The Beginner's Mind Online Course

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Welcome to The Beginner’s Mind, an online course by the Mala Collective. We are honoured to have you here with us as we embark on this journey of meditation together. We look forward to starting or strengthening your practice together. Namaste.

We will uncover all of your unanswered questions such as how to begin, where to get started, how it will feel, what to expect, how to keep going and all of the basics to learning how to enhance or start your meditation practice. We aim to deliver a simple and direct method for establishing an ongoing meditation practice that you can carry with you throughout your journey of life.

If you've been wanting to learn how to meditate but don't know where to start, or feel like you don't have enough time, than this course is the perfect place to start!

The course curriculum Includes the following chapters which are comprised of videos and PDFs:

1. Introduction

2. Finding Your Seat

3. Finding Your Breath

4. Finding And Using Your Mantra

5. How To Use a Mala in Meditation

6. Finding Your Focus in Meditation

7. Maintaining Your Meditation Practice

8. A Guided Meditation

9. Our Final Message to You


Bonuses Offerings Include: 

Bonus Video: Gratitude Journaling

Finding gratitude daily is a profound experience we have had first-hand in. We decided to offer an entire bonus video on why and how you can start to begin your gratitude journaling practice.

PDF's & Checklists

To help guide you through our training videos we have created PDF's and checklists that you can download to keep you on track as you ease your way through our course.

Bonus Video: Creating a Home Meditation Space

Having a home meditation space is a great way to stay inspired to take a moment for yourself. We are going to walk you through how to create an area at home that is meant to bring calm and inspire you to connect with yourself.

Upon completion of this purchase you will receive an email prompting you to login to our online course platform where you will be able to take this course chapter by chapter at your own pace.