Traditional Offering Candle

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These candles are handmade by artisans in Bali, Indonesia. The aluminum box is hand-hammered, and represents the authentic style of offering boxes used in Balinese ceremonies. The wax is hand poured, and is a mix of fragrance and natural wax blends. We hope this candle inspires you in cultivating and deepening your meditation practice.


The candles contain beeswax, sustainable palm wax, and a small amount of paraffin wax. The blend is formulated to be largely natural, yet still work well with fragrance oils and have good burning qualities. The blend is about 85% natural waxes and a very good alternative to 100% paraffin wax candles.

Size & Scent

Each silver box is made by carefully hand pressing a decorative pattern into the metal sheet before constructing into the box shape. Each one is slightly different and perfectly ‘imperfect’. 

Mini Offering Candle: Guava or Sandalwood scent, appx. 1.25 inches (h) x 2.5 inches (w) (without lid), approximately 20 hours burning time.

Small Offering Candle: Wild Honey scent, measures appx. 1.75 inches (h) x 3 inches (w) (without lid), approximately 40 hours burning time.

Medium Silver Offering Candle: Green Tea scent, measures appx. 2.25 inches (h) x 4 inches (w) (without lid), approximately 48 hours burning time.


All our pieces are authentically handmade by artisans on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia.
We support our Balinese and Indian Artisans by ensuring they work under certified humane conditions, are paid a fair wage and produce based on their cultural traditions and natural resources.
We provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting the environment upon first extraction of our raw materials until final disposal.

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