• Guided Meditation: I Am Enough 30 Day Meditation Challenge

Guided Meditation: I Am Enough 30 Day Meditation Challenge

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During the course of this series, we urge you to connect to your most expansive self without boundaries. Challenge yourself to devote 10 minutes a day for 30 days to develop your meditation practice and begin your transformational inward journey. 

In this meditation series, you'll receive 30 guided meditations . Each practice is approximately 10 minutes long. 


30 Day Meditation Challenge Intro
I Am Grounded
I Am Patient
I Am Whole
I Am Worthy
I Am Fearless
Week One Check-in
I Am Peace
I Am Happy
I Am Truth
I Am Intuitive
I Am Love
I Am Radiant
Week Two Check-in
I Am Creative
I Am Confident 
I Am Resilient 
I Am Powerful
I Am Strong
I Am Audacious
Week Three Check-in
I Am Lucky
I Am Free
I Am Adventurous
I Am Centered
I Am Enlightened
I Am Divine
Week Four Check-in
I Am Enough
30 Day Challenge Wrap Up




Deepen your practice with our guided audio meditations. Close your eyes and listen, or use your Mala in your practice.



This piece was designed to help you create a beautiful mindful space at home to support your meditation practice.