Meditation Crystal

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Meditation Crystal

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The pinkish stone is known for its many qualities, including its ability to open the heart, enhance creativity, and heal emotional wounds and broken hearts. Considered the love stone, it's also believed to be beneficial to the circulatory system and aid in relieving anxiety.


Quartz Crystal is the most abundant gemstone on Earth. The stone is believed to help amplify the qualities of other stones. It's associated with relieving stress and anxiety. The stone is thought to help absorb negative energies and re-ground a space.

AMETHYST (purple)

The stone is believed to provide one with stability, strength, inspiration, and a true sense of peace, along with increased spiritual power. In addition, the stone is believed to enhance the immune system, as well as purify blood. It’s also beneficial for the stomach and liver. 

OBSIDIAN (black)

The stone is known for stabilizing and balancing the body. Obsidian is believed to purify a negative atmosphere, and remove toxins from one's body. It's also believed to be an excellent stone for pain relief of arthritis, muscular aches and spasms. Removing shock and trauma that arises after injury, while improving circulation, are other qualities the stone is thought to provide.

FLUORITE (multi-color)

The multicolored stone appears different each time. It can have lines of purple, green and clear streaks. The stone is believed to be a protective one, helping to protect from negativity and manipulation. It's also believed to help increase intuition.

LABRADORITE (grey + black labradorite)

Labradorite is often turned to for guidance and knowledge. Often called the stone of magic, it is a physical reminder of life's serendipity & synchronicity. The grey stone, with flecks of blue and black, is strongly associated with the journey of self discovery.

RHODONITE (pink with black)

Rhodonite is a reminder to open up to unconditional love, accessing the heart chakra. It is a stone to inspire personal growth and grounding. Wear this stone to remind yourself of acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love towards others.

AMAZONITE (light aqua)

Amazonite is a great stone to remind one to connect to their inner power and take charge of their life. The blue stone is often associated with adventure and being on a journey.

AVENTURINE (light green) 

The stone is associated with protecting, activating and clearing the throat chakra. Green Aventurine is also thought to be a stone of comfort and balance. 

GREY QUARTZ (light grey)

Quartz is the most abundant stone on Earth. It is often used to help cleanse a space of negative energy, keeping out bad vibes and helping ground the area.

DALMATIAN JASPER (beige with black dots)

The stone is believed to help promote grounding and stability. Many turn to the stone for creativity and inspiration.


The blue stone is believed to provide power, healing, and luck. It is also associated with the throat chakra, aiding in confidence when communicating. 

TIGER'S EYE (black and brown)

The stone is known to bring sharpness to one’s inner vision and better understanding of the cause and effect of each situation. It encourages one to use their powers wisely and is known to support necessary change in all aspects of one’s life.

CHRYSOCOLLA (blue/green)

Chrysocolla is worn as a reminder for balance. It's believed the stone was carried by Cleopatra when entering negotiation to help her better understand others.