• Guided Meditation: My Practice Is (11-part series)

Guided Meditation: My Practice Is (11-part series)

$42 USD

These meditations focus on your practice. To embody gratitude, courage, grace and play. We created these meditations to inspire you to grow, reflect and reconnect with yourself. 

In this meditation series, you'll receive 11 guided meditations. Each practice is approximately 10 minutes long.


My Practice Is Gratitude
My Practice Is Courage
My Practice Is Stillness
My Practice Is Devotion
My Practice Is Thriving
My Practice Is Nurturing
My Practice Is Worthiness
My Practice is Grace
My Practice Is Playful
My Practice Is Independence
My Practice Is Joy




Deepen your practice with our guided audio meditations. Close your eyes and listen, or use your Mala in your practice.



This piece was designed to help you create a beautiful mindful space at home to support your meditation practice.