Guided Meditation: My Practice Is Bundled Audio Meditations

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  • Receive eleven, guided, audio-meditations to inspire you to begin, re-start, or deepen your meditation practice. These meditations focus on confidence, love, adventure, strength, and inner peace. Take time for yourself to manifest your dreams and allow your My Practice Is Guided Meditation and Reflection Kit to support you during your practice.

    These Guided Audio Meditations from Reno Muenz and Christine Russell come with Customized Reflection Kits.
  • My Practice Is Gratitude
    My Practice Is Courage
    My Practice Is Stillness
    My Practice Is Devotion
    My Practice Is Thriving
    My Practice Is Nurturing
    My Practice Is Worthiness
    My Practice is Grace
    My Practice Is Playful
    My Practice Is Independence
    My Practice Is Joy

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