Repair My Mala Necklace

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We are sorry to hear your mala broke! When a mala breaks, it’s believed you no longer ‘need’ the intentions in that particular piece. However, we believe in restringing your mala to help you release the intention at your own time.

To repair your mala or silver piece, please first email a photograph of your piece to so we can ensure its repair.

Once the repair has been confirmed, we ask that you:

  • Include a copy of the receipt, along with THIS form, in your returned package
  • When returning the product, describe the item as a "repair" and declare the amount as $0. This will avoid customs charges

 We send items to Bali once a month for repair, and it may take between eight to ten weeks to be returned to you.

Please send your fully completed package via regular post to:

Mala Collective
#200-422 Richards St
Vancouver, B.C.
V6B 2Z4

Upon completing this process, you will receive a free 10 minute guided meditation for patience to support you while your mala is being repaired.


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